Dua Lipa Impresses in Revealing Mesh Vest for 'Houdini' Music Video

Chart-topper Dua Lipa unveils a captivating new music video.

by Nouman Rasool
Dua Lipa Impresses in Revealing Mesh Vest for 'Houdini' Music Video
© Gareth Cattermole/GettyImages

Pop sensation Dua Lipa dazzled audiences with a fiery performance in her latest music video for the new single "Houdini," released on a captivating Thursday evening. At 28, the chart-topping artist made a glamorous comeback, showcasing a bold new look that left fans entranced.

In the music video, Dua appears in a dance studio, pouring sweat and passion into perfecting her choreography. Under the stark glow of fluorescent bulbs, she spins and leaps with abandon, her movements reflecting the meticulous artistry of her craft.

Her fashion is as striking as her dance moves, featuring a chic mesh vest paired with casual tracksuit bottoms, while her hair, dyed a vibrant red, cascades freely, adding to her dynamic presence.

Houdini's Elusive Echoes

Dua uses the reflective surfaces to enhance her visual storytelling, playing with the concept of elusiveness both in her lyrics and her physicality.

The "Levitating" artist embodies the elusive charm of the great Harry Houdini, flirting with the metaphors of escapism and allure in her song: "I come and I go, tell me all the ways you need me, I'm not here for long. Catch me or I go Houdini." The energy ramps up with a group of backup dancers who join her for the chorus, creating a powerful visual ensemble.

Yet, in the verses, Dua's solo performance captivates, using a series of dynamic poses to engage directly with the viewer. The creation of the video, directed by the acclaimed Manu Cossu and shot by André Chemetoff, is said to capture the raw, unfiltered sensation of those fleeting moments before dawn when the night's euphoria still lingers, and the party's pulse refuses to fade.

Collaborating with creatives like Caroline Ailin, Danny L. Harle, Tobias Jesso Jr., and Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, Dua weaves a narrative of single life's liberated moments. The track, she reveals, jests with the notion of romantic pursuit, a playful take on her once-single status and the whimsical possibility of disappearing on a whim.

Sharing her journey through both highs and lows with her global fanbase is something Dua cherishes, seeing it as an opportunity to connect and convey her defiant joy. This attitude is reflective of her current work on an upcoming album, poised for a 2024 release.

Dua describes this new project as birthed from a whirlwind of elation and disarray, embodying a spirit of hopeful anticipation for what lies ahead. Since her Grammy-winning "Future Nostalgia" in 2021, the "Barbie" star has been dating filmmaker Romain Gavras.

As she teases the contours of her next album, she hints at the essence of its creation—a testimony to finding serenity and jubilance amidst life's tumultuous turns, a theme that resonates deeply with her ardent listeners.

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