Cody Johnson 'The Painter': A Heartfelt Ode to His Unsung Hero Wife


Cody Johnson 'The Painter': A Heartfelt Ode to His Unsung Hero Wife
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Cody Johnson, the acclaimed Texas musician, has again caught the spotlight with his latest hit, "The Painter." As he shared with PEOPLE, this song, a mere three months old, is already shaping up to be a defining piece in his career.

Penned by the talented trio of Benjy Davis, Kat Higgins, and Ryan Larkins, "The Painter" struck a chord with Johnson from his first listen; despite being initially described as "kinda artsy" by his team. Johnson, he saw it for what it indeed was: a profound love song.

The song resonates deeply with Johnson, mainly reflecting his relationship with his wife, Brandi, of 14 years. In a heartfelt moment on the red carpet at the CMA Awards, Johnson revealed how the lyrics, especially "For every wall I built, she saw a canvas," mirrored his life with Brandi.

He credits her with seeing his potential and opportunities even when his stubbornness blinded him. This emotional tribute to his wife reached a nationwide audience during his performance at the CMA Awards. With Brandi in the audience and her artistic representation on a grand screen behind him, Johnson's rendition of "The Painter" was a personal and public acknowledgement of his wife's unwavering support.

Astonishing Global Impact

The reception of "The Painter" has been nothing short of astonishing for Johnson.

He recalls an incident in Australia where the crowd sang along word for word on the day of its release, leaving him emotionally overwhelmed. This song, while yet to top the charts, is already outshining his 2021 hit "Til You Can't" in terms of impact on his career trajectory.

With the release of his new album, "Leather," Johnson is excited about the new music he's bringing to his fans. However, he plans to scale back his tour schedule next year, focusing on fewer but larger shows, allowing him more time with his family and his ranch in Huntsville, Texas.

Johnson's connection to his roots is evident. The album cover of "Leather" features a candid photo of his hand after a day's work on his ranch, showcasing his authentic cowboy lifestyle. He also shares his passion for hunting and outdoor activities with his daughters, Clara Mae and Cori, teaching them the value of hard work and family provision.

Balancing fame with family life, Johnson tries to maintain a low profile during his children's sports events to keep the focus on them. He even dabbled in coaching softball, finding solace in being out on the field away from the public eye.

Cody Johnson's journey with "The Painter" is not just about his musical evolution; it's a story of love, family, and staying true to one's roots, which continually shape his life and career.