Kelly Clarkson Gets Flowers from Taylor Swift for Each 'Taylor's Version' Release

Clarkson Shares Insights on Swift's Music Journey

by Nouman Rasool
Kelly Clarkson Gets Flowers from Taylor Swift for Each 'Taylor's Version' Release
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In a recent E! News interview, Kelly Clarkson, the charismatic host of "The Kelly Clarkson Show," divulged an endearing gesture from pop sensation Taylor Swift. Following the release of Swift's 1989 (Taylor's Version), Clarkson was pleasantly surprised to receive a thoughtful bouquet from the "Anti-Hero" hitmaker.

"She's so nice," Clarkson remarked, expressing her admiration for Swift's thoughtfulness, accompanied by a charming cardigan gift. This act of kindness is part of a tradition Swift has established for each of her re-recorded albums.

The backstory to these re-recordings dates back to 2019 when Clarkson, in a display of solidarity, suggested via Twitter that Swift should re-record her music. This advice came in the wake of Scooter Braun's Ithaca Holdings acquiring Swift's original masters from Big Machine Label Group.

Swift took this counsel to heart, embarking on a journey to reclaim her music, leading to the release of "Taylor's Version" of albums like 1989, Fearless, Red, and Speak Now. Each of these albums has triumphantly debuted at Number One on Billboard's albums chart, signifying a victorious reclaiming of her artistic integrity.

Clarkson Praises Swift

Clarkson, an esteemed singer and American Idol alumna, believes that Swift would have eventually arrived at the idea of re-recording her albums independently of the tweet. She praised Swift not only for her kindness but also for her astute business acumen.

"She's a very smart businesswoman," Clarkson noted, emphasizing Swift's ability to find a loophole and turn a challenging situation into a resounding success. Clarkson's admiration for Swift extends beyond her commercial achievements, highlighting the emotional and personal significance these albums hold for Swift.

The story of Swift's re-recordings isn't just a tale of music industry savvy; it's a narrative of resilience and empowerment. As Clarkson observes, it's about artists taking control of their work and making it special again, on their own terms.

Swift's journey from being constrained by industry machinations to becoming one of the best-selling artists of all time is a testament to her indomitable spirit and innovation as a musician and a businesswoman.

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