Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged S*xual Assault in 1975

New Legal Battle Emerges for Renowned Rock Vocalist.

by Nouman Rasool
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged S*xual Assault in 1975
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Rock legend Steven Tyler, lead vocalist of Aerosmith, has been accused of s*xually assaulting a former teen model, Jeanne Bellino, as per legal filings in New York. The allegations stem from an incident dating back to 1975, wherein Bellino, who was 17 years old at the time, claims that Tyler groped her against her will.

Bellino, now 66, asserts that the encounter occurred in a Manhattan phone booth. This revelation has surfaced through court documents recently reviewed by media outlets. She narrates that she met Tyler and the other band members on a trip to New York City connected to a fashion show, having just embarked on her career with a modeling agency.

The incident allegedly took place while the group was strolling along 6th Avenue.

Alleged Assault Detailed

According to the details of the complaint, an altercation about a song lyric provoked Tyler, leading him to forcefully usher Bellino into a phone booth.

The suit describes a harrowing scenario where Tyler is accused of physically restraining and s*xually assaulting Bellino, amidst the bystanders and bandmates who reportedly did not intervene. The documents detail that Bellino struggled as Tyler, apparently undeterred by the public setting, s*xually assaulted her.

The complaint graphically recounts Tyler's actions and Bellino's efforts to fight back, depicting a distressing event that has echoed across the decades to the present legal action. The lawsuit comes on the heels of similar allegations made by Julia Misley, formerly known as Julia Holcomb, who has also sued Tyler for s*xual misconduct during her teenage years.

Her allegations and the disturbing account in Tyler's memoir intertwine with Bellino's claims, painting a concerning pattern of behavior. Misley's accusation speaks of a manipulative relationship, camouflaged as a romantic affair, leveraging Tyler's status and wealth.

Tyler has previously addressed Misley's lawsuit, acknowledging a s*xual relationship but contending its consensual nature and legality under his guardianship at the time. These lawsuits emerge in a cultural milieu where such historical allegations are increasingly coming to light, prompting a reassessment of the past behavior of public figures.

The outcome of these legal battles will not only potentially redefine Steven Tyler's legacy but also contribute to the ongoing dialogue on consent and power dynamics in the entertainment industry. Bellino's lawsuit continues to be a developing story as more details are expected to be uncovered, with observers keenly awaiting Tyler's response to these grave accusations.

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