LeAnn Rimes' Backstage Ritual: Rating Rocking Chairs!

Discover LeAnn Rimes' innovative approach to pre-show preparation.

by Nouman Rasool
LeAnn Rimes' Backstage Ritual: Rating Rocking Chairs!
© Rick Diamond/GettyImages

With years of stage experience under her belt, the renowned LeAnn Rimes, now 41, has cultivated a unique pre-show routine that sets her apart from her contemporaries in the music industry. The "Blue" songstress, known for her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence, has a specific rider, detailing her backstage needs ranging from refreshments to peculiar personal items.

While the celebrity world is no stranger to extravagant and sometimes outrageous demands—recall Van Halen's infamous request for a bowl of M&Ms, sans the brown ones—LeAnn's request is unexpectedly heartwarming and unique.

The artist has officially added a rocking chair to her rider, a detail she shared with a mix of humor and earnestness.

LeAnn's Unique Backstage Request

"I have officially asked for a rocking chair on my rider. And it's because I'm now 41.

No, I'm just kidding. It's because when I'm home and I'm working on vocal stuff or, like, warming up, I'll sit on a bouncy ball...I figured the next best thing when I'm out here is to find a rocking chair. It's really good to keep my mind off of focusing on things too much," LeAnn revealed.

In a playful twist, LeAnn has initiated a "Rate My Rocker" segment, turning her unique request into an interactive experience for her fans as she tours various cities, including Skokie, Illinois, Lafayette, and Nashville, Indiana.

She has generously scored the rocking chairs she encounters, with Lafayette currently leading the pack with an impressive 8 out of 10. Grateful for the effort made to fulfill her unique request, she thanked those who went the extra mile to find the chairs.

LeAnn’s social media post about her rocking chair adventures drew enthusiastic responses from her followers, with numerous comments hailing her request as the "best idea ever," and another fan playfully noting that a rocking chair would definitely feature on their own rider.

As LeAnn continues to serenade audiences nationwide with her "the story so far" tour, running through November, fans can anticipate more rocking chair ratings and delightful backstage moments. Following this, she is set to spread festive cheer with "Joy: The Holiday Tour," promising a season filled with melody, warmth, and perhaps a few more rocking chairs along the way.