Travis Barker Thrilled to Drum for Son's Band: 'Dream Come True'

Travis Barker and Landon's Musical Bond Strengthens.

by Nouman Rasool
Travis Barker Thrilled to Drum for Son's Band: 'Dream Come True'
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Renowned Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, is basking in the joy of working alongside his son, Landon Barker, on some exciting new music projects. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Travis, 47, shared his profound appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with his 20-year-old son, whose musical journey he has witnessed from its inception.

Reflecting on this heartwarming partnership, Travis expressed his awe at watching Landon's musical talents flourish over the years. He recounted how Landon's passion for music, nurtured by his famous father, began when he was just a child, accompanying Travis on some of the most iconic tours in the music industry.

This father-son support reached new heights when Landon released his recent single, "Friends with Your Ex," which not only dropped under his father's label, DTA Records but also featured Travis himself on production and drums.

The music video for the song even showcased Landon's girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio. Travis Barker shared the honor and excitement of being asked by Landon to contribute to the song. He was deeply moved by the experience, emphasizing how it was a privilege to produce and lend his drumming skills to his son's creation.

Landon's Live Debut and Musical Collaboration

Landon Barker's musical journey began in earnest in 2011 when he took the stage for the first time, joining The Transplants for an electrifying performance at the annual Musink festival.

He also showcased his vocal prowess by lending his voice to a 2020 cover of the Misfits classic, “Skulls,” a project initiated by his father. Notably, Landon had the opportunity to open for Blink-182 during their sold-out show in Los Angeles earlier this summer, showcasing his burgeoning talent to a broader audience.

In his quest for success, Landon, despite having a famous father, remained dedicated and resilient. He diligently worked towards his ultimate goal of signing with his father's Elektra Imprint DTA Records. Travis Barker praised his son's commitment, highlighting that Landon had to demonstrate his dedication before the opportunity to sign with the label arose.

The collaborative spirit between father and son was further demonstrated when Landon contributed lyrics to Machine Gun Kelly's "Die in California," a track co-written and produced by Travis, featured on MGK's chart-topping album, Mainstream Sellout.

Looking ahead, Landon is eager to continue releasing music with his father's guidance. They have already written numerous songs together, and Landon is enthusiastic about sharing them with the world. In discussing the invaluable advice he received from his father regarding the music industry, Landon emphasized the importance of enjoying the journey, not taking oneself too seriously, and being kind and generous to others.

For him, it's about sharing life experiences through music and using every opportunity as a lesson in creativity. The Barker duo's collaboration is not only a testament to their musical prowess but also a heartwarming display of the bond between a father and his aspiring musician son.

As they continue to create and inspire, their journey is set to captivate music enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for more captivating tunes from the Barker duo as they embark on this exciting musical adventure together.

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