Jordin Sparks & Husband Dana Isaiah Heat Up 'Call My Name' Video Debut

Jordin Sparks shines amid Malibu's architectural masterpiece."

by Nouman Rasool
Jordin Sparks & Husband Dana Isaiah Heat Up 'Call My Name' Video Debut
© Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

Jordin Sparks, the soulful songstress, has once again captivated her audience. Just a week after releasing her newest single, "Call My Name", she unveiled an evocative music video this Friday that's quickly catching fire. Directed by the talented Alfredo Flores, the video provides a raw portrayal of the song's heartfelt lyrics, placing a spotlight on a passionate embrace between Sparks and her husband, Dana Isaiah.

As the song's poignant lyrics resonate, "Sometimes I weep 'cause I feel lost, you know / Like I don't know where to go / That's until you / You call my name," Sparks can be seen serenading the camera with sheer emotion, while tightly holding onto a shirtless Isaiah.

The intensity and vulnerability of their bond is beautifully captured as she croons, "Feel like I can take on anything when you call my name."

Malibu Estate Enhances Sparks' Showcase

The breathtaking backdrop of the video, the Malibu estate owned by Mr.

and Mrs. Eric Lloyd Wright, accentuates Sparks' compelling performance. Dressed in a series of radiant outfits, Sparks effortlessly traverses the scenic estate, juxtaposed with evocative sequences of her with Isaiah. "Call My Name" is a collaborative brainchild, co-written by Sparks with a team including Dwayne Abernathy, Mathew Jarragin, Nicholas Stone, Matisse Pasillas, and Cole Fredrick.

Expressing her excitement in a press statement, Sparks likened the track to the "old-school R&B vibe." She remarked, "I can't wait for my fans to experience it." Hints of what's to come are evident with this single, a precursor to her forthcoming album scheduled for a 2024 release.

This album will be a significant addition to her musical journey, marking her fifth studio record and the first full-length one since 2020. Her eager followers received a teaser for the video on her Instagram, where Sparks shared behind-the-scenes shots, thanking her team including director Flores and producer Joey Pucino.

Her husband Isaiah echoed her sentiments, sharing the same gallery with a playful caption about the video's premiere. The couple, who announced their discreet marriage in 2017, embraced parenthood with the birth of their son, Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr.(affectionately known as DJ), in May 2018.

Reflecting on this new chapter, Sparks confessed, "Everything has shifted since becoming parents," emphasizing the motivation their son gives them daily. Isaiah, echoing her sentiments, expressed their aspirations for their son, desiring for him all the things they didn't have during their childhood.