Julie Fowlis: Gaelic Star of 'Brave' Takes Vermont Stage

Experience the soulful voice of Julie Fowlis in Vermont.

by Nouman Rasool
Julie Fowlis: Gaelic Star of 'Brave' Takes Vermont Stage
© Jesse Grant/GettyImages

This Friday, Oct. 20, the Barre Opera House in Vermont will be graced by the ethereal voice of Scottish singer Julie Fowlis, as part of its renowned Celebration Series. Best known for her captivating renditions in the Disney-Pixar film "Brave," Fowlis is a musical sensation with global reach, extending far beyond her Scottish roots.

Though you may not immediately recognize her name, Fowlis's unmistakable voice has captured audiences worldwide. Her credits include singing the theme for "Brave," which garnered Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA awards. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Fowlis's musical prowess also caught the attention of millions when she performed with the BBC Concert Orchestra at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall for the Proms. Her global exposure widened further when she took the stage at the Ryder Cup’s closing ceremony in Chicago, reaching a TV audience of 500 million, and again at the 2014 Glasgow XX Commonwealth Games, captivating over a billion viewers.

Currently collaborating with the folk supergroup Spell Songs, Fowlis is no stranger to high-profile partnerships. She has shared the stage with musical legends like James Taylor, KT Tunstall, Chris Thile, and others. Her talent is so revered in her homeland that she was appointed as Scotland’s inaugural National Gaelic Ambassador, a prestigious title conferred upon her by the Scottish Government.

Gaelic Roots Revealed

Her roots in Scotland's Outer Hebrides and the Highland landscapes are palpable in her music. Born on North Uist in a Gaelic-speaking community, Fowlis has always been connected to her cultural heritage.

The daughter of island fishermen and crofters, she sings primarily in Scots Gaelic, further enriching the unique tapestry of her musical narrative. BBC Radio 2 honored her exceptional abilities by naming her "Folk Singer of the Year," an accolade that is particularly significant considering she performs mostly in a language spoken by less than 1% of Scotland’s population.

Despite the linguistic barrier, her transcendent vocal qualities have the power to mesmerize audiences regardless of their familiarity with Gaelic. For fans of Scottish culture, Celtic music, or anyone intrigued by this internationally-acclaimed talent, Friday’s concert offers a rare glimpse of the face behind the enchanting voice that has captured the hearts of millions globally. Make sure not to miss this soul-stirring event, where Julie Fowlis will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized.