Spears, Maluma, J Balvin: New Pic Reveals One Feels Left Out

Colombian artists' playful banter lights up social media

by Nouman Rasool
Spears, Maluma, J Balvin: New Pic Reveals One Feels Left Out
© maluma/Instagram

In a captivating display of camaraderie and potential professional collaboration, Colombian powerhouses J Balvin and Maluma join forces with the legendary Britney Spears, and social media is abuzz. The trio was recently spotted sharing a light-hearted moment, capturing the imaginations of their collective fanbase.

Thursday saw J Balvin, Maluma, and Spears grace our Instagram feeds, giving fans a candid peek into their off-stage dynamics. The shot showcased J Balvin and Spears in a cozy embrace, with Maluma striking a cheeky pose, arms crossed and face neutral.

Maluma captioned the moment, "Who else is feeling love like me?" evoking a humorous sentiment, suggesting he might've felt a tad left out of the fun.

Balvin's Joyful Instagram Revelry

Yet, Balvin's reaction was nothing short of infectious laughter.

"Oh God, I can't stop laughing!" the 38-year-old 'Colores' singer quipped in response to Maluma's post, later featuring the same photograph in his own Instagram story. Amidst the revelry, J Balvin didn't miss the chance to plug his fresh track with Tainy and Young Miko, "COLMILLO." He playfully hinted, "[Britney Spears] has given her seal of approval, while [Maluma] seems to be bad at love once more."

Continuing the music trail, Balvin recently dropped "Dientes" in September.

In contrast, Maluma's energy is currently channeled into his U.S. tour, promoting his latest album, Don Juan. Britney Spears, on her part, has been channeling gratitude and resilience. At 41, the iconic pop star has taken to Instagram, voicing her appreciation for her steadfast friends and the significance of self-love, particularly amidst personal upheavals like her ongoing divorce.

"Positive affirmations are my anchor now," Spears shared, adding that penning down her life's tribulations for her upcoming memoir was no easy feat.