Thurston Moore Faces Health Setback, Cancels U.S. Book Tour

Moore's age brings heightened health challenges to light

by Nouman Rasool
Thurston Moore Faces Health Setback, Cancels U.S. Book Tour
© Tabatha Fireman/GettyImages

In a recent revelation, Thurston Moore, iconic singer-guitarist and co-founder of the legendary band Sonic Youth, shared with fans his ongoing battle with a concerning health issue he's been silently facing for several years.

This talented musician, on the brink of launching his much-anticipated memoir, "Sonic Life," this month, sadly informed the public that he won't be embarking on his planned U.S. book tour due to this undisclosed ailment. Taking to Instagram to break the news on Tuesday, Moore expressed his heartfelt disappointment, "The gravity of the situation struck me deeply as my UK medical team advised against my upcoming USA book tour.

For years, I've persisted despite this lingering health challenge, never allowing it to deter my passion for touring and producing music."

Health Concerns Intensify with Age

Elaborating further on the matter, he conveyed, "While this issue has always been present in the backdrop, the challenges have intensified as I venture into my mid-60s.

Recent consultations with my healthcare professionals have led to strict recommendations against any form of flying until further clarity on the matter." The postponement of the tour, especially considering the significance "Sonic Life" holds for him, is understandably crushing.

Moore had been eagerly preparing to engage with fans, sharing insights and nostalgic moments from his Sonic Youth journey. "I deeply regret not being able to share and relive Sonic Youth's chronicles with ticket holders," he lamented, but also assured that refunds would be processed.

Optimistically, he expressed hope, "Once I receive the all-clear, I'm eager to reconnect and share these moments with you all." Closing his message with gratitude, he reflected, "The tremendous outpouring of love and support at this juncture is immensely comforting.

The shared mutual respect and appreciation within this community is uplifting." Sonic Youth, a groundbreaking act co-founded with ex-spouse Kim Gordon and Lee Ranaldo in 1981, has significantly influenced rock history. Moore's memoir, announced earlier in May, encapsulates his journey.

As he once described on Instagram, "Sonic Life chronicles my youthful days, detailing my burgeoning love for rock and roll, eventually leading me to NYC and the inception of Sonic Youth. The journey maps the musical landscape of several decades, highlighting encounters with visionaries and trailblazing artists."