Josh Alexander's Electrifying Opening Act for ZAZ at Wilfrid Pelletier Stage

Montreal's Musical Extravaganza: Josh Alexander and ZAZ Shine Together

by Nouman Rasool
Josh Alexander's Electrifying Opening Act for ZAZ at Wilfrid Pelletier Stage
© Josh Alexander/Youtube

In a magnificent evening of musical enchantment, the young and exceptionally talented singer-songwriter, Josh Alexander, took center stage at Montreal's renowned Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier. His performance served as the captivating opening act for the internationally acclaimed French songstress, ZAZ, during her Quebec tour as part of the illustrious Organique Tour.

While Josh Alexander may not have been formally introduced to Quebec's public, he made an indelible mark on one of the city's most prestigious stages with his spellbinding opening act for ZAZ. This remarkable journey began with his participation in the fifth season of "La Voix," where he advanced to the duels stage, showcasing undeniable talent and artistry.

His musical prowess caught the discerning eye of Blü Dog Media, a prominent production and management company, ultimately leading to his inaugural contract. His meteoric rise was underscored when he was bestowed with the prestigious title of iHeart Radio Future Star in February 2020.

gifted songwriter and performer, Josh Alexander is fervently devoted to the cinematic pop genre, crafting his own unique musical narrative in English. Born to an American mother and Salvadoran father, he proudly represents his French-speaking Quebec heritage while expressing his artistry through the medium of the English language.

His original composition, "Not Alone," for the film "La course des tuques," distributed in over 200 countries, was an early testament to his talent. His duet with Corneille on the track "Je serai là" is featured on the French-language soundtrack of the same film.

Josh's Film Soundtrack Triumph

Recently, his contribution to a film soundtrack has garnered significant acclaim, with two of his coAmpositions prominently featured in the soundtrack of "La Légende du Papillon/Butterfly Tale," alongside performances by renowned artists such as Patrice Michaud, Cœur de Pirate, La Zarra, Johnny Orlando, and Shawn Mendes.

The film is set to grace Canadian theaters on October 13, followed by a release in the United States. In a testament to his prolific journey, he has also contributed three songs to Jeanick Fournier's latest album. The golden opportunity to open for ZAZ is a resounding testament to Josh's extraordinary talent and the resounding success he has achieved.

After discovering his exceptional work, ZAZ was profoundly moved to offer him the coveted opening slots for her Quebec shows. This collaboration marks a logical progression in his burgeoning music career, especially after his debut EP, "Forevermore," and the single "Hurricane," which soared to the 36th position on the ADISQ radio chart in the fall of 2022, accumulating over 500,000 listens.

As Josh Alexander graced the stage before the entrancing ZAZ, the audience was treated to a brief yet invigorating performance that underscored the depth and expanse of his musical prowess. For those eager to delve deeper into Josh Alexander's musical universe, his newly released music video, "Keep On Giving The Love," and the original soundtrack for the film "Butterfly Tales" provide an exquisite gateway to his enchanting world of music. Explore, immerse, and be captivated by the melodious journey of Josh Alexander.