Kelce Roasted in 'Swift's Curtains

Velvet Pants Stir Whimsical Connection Between Stars and Fans

by Nouman Rasool
Kelce Roasted in 'Swift's Curtains
© Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

In a delightful twist that bridges the worlds of pop culture and sports, Taylor Swift fans have inundated social media with playful jests aimed at NFL star Travis Kelce, following the emergence of photographs featuring him in distinctive crushed velvet trousers, which fans argue bear an uncanny resemblance to the singer's curtains from her 2022 TikTok series, "Midnights Mayhem With Me."

The 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end donned an unconventional ensemble, marrying a sleek white silk shirt with notably baggy velvet cargo pants, in photos shared on his Instagram platform. Swifties, always attentive to details, were swift to point out the striking similarity between Kelce’s pants and the drapes showcased in Taylor’s much-loved TikTok series. Comments, tinged with humor and adoration, poured in: 'Why is he wearing mother's curtains?' and 'Nice MIDNIGHTS pants', with other fans adding their own variations of love-struck and cheeky commentary.

The linking of Kelce and 33-year-old pop sensation Taylor Swift was initially sparked when the footballer was spotted in the audience during her July performance at Arrowhead Stadium. Though Kelce has admitted to attempting, albeit unsuccessfully, to share his phone number with the 'Karma' singer post-show, sources relayed to Entertainment Tonight that the pair have since established a casual dating rhythm.

In a whirlwind of romance rumors and public intrigue, the athlete and the singer have been circumspect about the nature of their relationship. Kelce’s older brother, Jason, similarly an NFL player, has steadfastly avoided issuing any comments on his brother's burgeoning romance during recent public appearances.

Swift's Strategic Stadium Seating

Adding a dash of palpable intrigue to the narrative, Swift was seen at a Chiefs game on September 24, not just as a casual observer but seated next to her rumored beau’s mother, Donna, underlining whispers of the romantic link-up between her and Kelce.

Swift, known for her history of high-profile relationships and heartbreaks, had previously been romantically tied to actor Joe Alwyn from 2016 until a breakup earlier this year. While the internet bubbles with speculation and friendly jest, this unexpected intersection of sports and music stardom continues to capture eager public attention, providing a lighthearted diversion from the more routine cycles of news and celebrity.