Morgan Wallen's Electric Tacoma Dome Show Amid Controversy

Country star unveils grander venues for 2024 tour

by Nouman Rasool
Morgan Wallen's Electric Tacoma Dome Show Amid Controversy
© Michael Loccisano/GettyImages

The atmosphere was electrifying, heightened even more by the impressive flame cannons that erupted from the stage. Morgan Wallen’s dynamic performance with Lil Durk on their joint track “Broadway Girls” transitioned into an explosive intro by his six-piece band.

Making his grand entrance amidst a theatrical puff of smoke, Wallen channeled a showman’s charisma reminiscent of David Copperfield. Diving into some of his moderately known hits, including a rock-infused version of “Up Down” and “One Thing at a Time,” Wallen's interaction with the crowd was evident.

The Tacoma Dome was filled with ardent fans, eager to echo back every word sung by the chart-topping country sensation. Matching the enthusiasm of the audience, Wallen’s stage production was notably grander than most young Nashville artists performing their debut solo at the Seattle-Tacoma arena.

Wallen's Skyrocketing Fame

Given Wallen's escalating popularity, this might be his last smaller-scale show. The singer recently disclosed his 2024 One Night at a Time Tour schedule, with performances set in expansive football stadiums due to overwhelming demand.

While the Tacoma Dome is vast, accommodating about 20,000 fans, Wallen's next appearance might see him engaging with a crowd double that size. Recollecting his 2019 performance when he opened for Luke Combs, Wallen expressed his exhilaration, “Tacoma, wassup baby?!

We got a bra on stage during the second song. That’s when you know it’s real”. For nearly two hours, the audience reveled in the powerful show, a testament to Wallen’s standing as one of country music's most talked-about artists.

His distinctive style, blending the party vibe with a deviation from the early 2010s bro-country trend, showcases his uniqueness. Both his albums, “Dangerous” and “One Thing at a Time,” have been chart-toppers, with the latter maintaining its top-five position since its release.

Yet, Wallen's ascent hasn't been without hurdles. He faced backlash for a controversial racial slur incident in 2021. While he acknowledged his wrongdoing in an ABC “Good Morning America” interview, the incident sparked intense debates about inclusivity in country music.

Still, onstage, Wallen’s performance was a testament to his prowess as an artist. His rendition of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up” might have missed the raw vulnerability of the original, but his original tracks, especially “Sand in My Boots,” showcased his unique voice.

A testament to the digital era's influence, Wallen is at the forefront of fusing country with modern beats. While this amalgamation has had mixed reactions, tracks like “Sunrise” exemplify this blending done right.

Wallen’s talent shines through, especially in the genre-mixing domain, which raises discussions on inclusivity in country music. The concert underlined Wallen’s undeniable potential as a future country-pop icon.

His energetic encore performance of “Heartless” paved the way for his chartbuster “Last Night,” which had the entire dome singing in unison, culminating with the crowd-favorite “Whiskey Glass”.