Calum Scott's Anthem Powers Phillies' Postseason Run

Music's power in sports: a Phillies' tale unfolds

by Nouman Rasool
Calum Scott's Anthem Powers Phillies' Postseason Run
© Joe Maher/GettyImages

British pop artist Calum Scott's emotive hit, “Dancing On My Own”, has become an unexpected postseason anthem for the Philadelphia Phillies. Despite its melancholic tone, it's a song that resonates with over 45,000 Phillies fans, who passionately sing along post-game, and with players who celebrate victories in the clubhouse to its rhythm.

Scott, echoing a true Philadelphian spirit, has promised to join the city’s celebrations should Bryce Harper and the team clinch the World Series, even hinting at wearing the Phillies jersey he received last season.

“They win the World Series, count me in! I’d be bursting with excitement,” said the enthusiastic singer.

Song Revives Phillies' Spirit

Although the song's theme of unrequited love isn't intrinsically sporty, its reintroduction this season seems to have lifted the team's spirits.

The resonance was especially strong when the Phillies lost to the Houston Astros in a past World Series. But now, as the Phillies progress, notably in the NL Wild Card Series, they look forward to more celebrations in the Division Series against the Atlanta Braves.

Expressing astonishment at the fusion of his music with baseball, Scott said in an interview, “It’s surreal how a stadium full of fans connects with my song”. Kyle Schwarber, the Phillies' player, introduced the track to the team, making it an instant locker-room hit.

Phillies manager Rob Thomson has even admitted to enjoying the catchy beat. Dialing in from Yorkshire, Scott shared his childhood affinity for American sports, particularly mentioning his support for the Toronto Blue Jays because of family in Canada.

The Phillies had previously considered Scott for a postseason performance, but his global tour and their World Series loss postponed those plans. While Scott occasionally struggles with time zone differences, he’s kept updated through social media, particularly hashtags like #ringthebell and #redoctober, revealing the Phillies' continuous success and his track's unwavering popularity.

Scott even mentioned invitations from local bars, including Xfinity Live, to perform, a testament to Phillies fans' enduring love for his anthem.