Jason Derulo Faces Legal Battle Over Alleged Harassment and Contract Breaches

Disturbing revelations emerge from Gibson's partnership with Derulo.

by Nouman Rasool
Jason Derulo Faces Legal Battle Over Alleged Harassment and Contract Breaches
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In a startling revelation, singer Jason Derulo finds himself in legal h*t water. Aspiring artist, Emaza Gibson, lodged a lawsuit against Derulo, his manager Frank Harris, and renowned music labels - Atlantic Records and RCA Records, associated with his Future History brand.

The claims range from 'quid pro quo' s*xual harassment, to breaching of contracts, and even intimidation as outlined in the Ralph Civil Rights Act. Gibson's case paints a timeline that describes Derulo's coercive behavior and sudden fits of rage.

Her narrative begins in August 2021, when Derulo expressed interest in signing her to Future History, in collaboration with Atlantic Records. A proposal was made where Derulo would guide her in creating multiple albums. In return, Gibson claims she was assured a budget to produce a mixtape and even collaborate on a single with Derulo.

Dark Undertones in Collaboration

However, the musical collaboration took a dark turn. Gibson alleges Derulo insinuated the need for her to engage in certain Haitian practices, including "goat skin and fish scales," suggesting a blend of s*xual acts and narcotics.

In essence, these demands hinted at s*x as a currency for success in the industry. According to Gibson, Derulo's advances did not stop there. She recalls multiple attempts by the singer to invite her for dinner and drinks. During late-night recording sessions, she claims he urged her to consume alcohol, which she initially resisted due to her non-drinking status.

In a shocking twist, after rejecting both his drink and his advances, Gibson claims Derulo withdrew the offer to cover her transportation costs to the studio. Tension escalated further during a meeting at Atlantic Records.

Another artist named Rosa, invited by Derulo, allegedly warned Gibson of his intentions, insinuating he had s*xual motives. Gibson recalls a heated exchange in an SUV post the meeting, with Derulo expressing fury over Rosa's involvement in their discussions.

Worried about her safety, Gibson began to include her mother and manager, Sandra Bales, in all interactions with Derulo. When Gibson tried to address her concerns with Harris, she was met with indifference. Her partnership with Atlantic and Future History was eventually terminated in September.

Attempts to get a response from Atlantic proved futile. Gibson's distress is palpable. Speaking to Rolling Stone, she shared her deep sense of betrayal, having idolized Derulo for years. The pain of a shattered dream, especially when tied to someone she admired, has left her grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Her attorney, Ronald Zambrano, emphasized the gravity of her situation, stating how her life-long ambitions were dangled with unexpected, unwanted strings attached. The lawsuit seeks a variety of damages, covering lost wages, benefits, and legal fees.

While Derulo’s representative staunchly denies all allegations, stating his commitment to positive actions and his stand against harassment, the unfolding legal drama has the entertainment industry and fans worldwide on edge.