Tom Sandoval's Comeback on The Masked Singer

Embarking on a redemption journey, Sandoval takes the stage.

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Sandoval's Comeback on The Masked Singer
© Kevin Winter/GettyImages

In an enthralling revelation on "The Masked Singer," Tom Sandoval, widely acknowledged as a potent force in television following his triumphant surge with Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules," was unmasked as the Diver, creating a buzz in the entertainment world.

Renowned judge Ken Jeong did not hold back his astonishment, describing Sandoval as the "biggest star" currently gracing our TV screens. Contrary to what might initially seem an extravagant claim, networks have fully embraced the 'Scandoval' phenomenon, leveraging the controversy and ratings explosion that propelled "Vanderpump Rules" to new heights, including its first Emmy nods.

Sandoval has adeptly utilized the platform, positioning himself for a public redemption journey.

Unmasking Sandoval's Emotional Performance

This week's unveil on The Masked Singer showcased Sandoval performing OneRepublic’s “I Ain’t Worried” and included hints that astute viewers connected to the reality star.

His poignant reflection during the segment, highlighting feeling "lost in the abyss" and the challenges of being “the most hated creature in the ocean right now,” was a candid expression of his recent public struggles.

The Diver’s first clue, a cardinal, is presumed to symbolize his St. Louis roots. Sandoval’s remarks regarding unwanted scrutiny into his business possibly alluded to his LA-based restaurants, TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy's, spotlighted on Vanderpump.

Expressing the liberating experience of performing anonymously and being assessed solely on his act, Sandoval found a semblance of peace and "healing" amid the turmoil of a self-inflicted cheating scandal. His childhood aspirations of fame, manifested through various entertainment avenues, were starkly contrasted by the infamy he encountered.

Navigating through a reputational minefield, Sandoval has embarked on a path of self-reparation, appearing on Fox’s “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test,” seeking atonement through grueling military-grade challenges, and publicly acknowledging the dishonor brought upon his family name.

Moreover, following a tumultuous podcast interview with Howie Mandel amid his scandal, Sandoval has pivoted, launching a rehabilitative podcast, "Everybody Loves Tom." In initial episodes, he explores varied topics from newfound sobriety to reflections on past relationship mishandlings.

As the Vanderpump hiatus lingers, other figures within the 'Scandoval' sphere, such as his ex Ariana Madix and business partner Tom Schwartz, maintain their screen presence, exploring new ventures and capitalizing on the wave until the hit series returns.

With this strategic re-emergence and publicized efforts toward redemption, Tom Sandoval’s journey from infamy to potential rehabilitation continues to unfold, capturing audiences in a narrative spun with both cautionary and redemptive threads.