Maren Morris: Why I Left Country Music

Global shifts prompt personal introspection for musical talents

by Nouman Rasool
Maren Morris: Why I Left Country Music
© Catherine Powell/GettyImages

In a recent revelation that has left fans and industry insiders alike buzzing, Maren Morris, the acclaimed country music sensation, has chosen to step back from the country music scene. She elaborated on this decision during a candid interview with the Los Angeles Times last month.

Although Morris was quick to clarify that she wasn't bidding the entire industry a definitive farewell, her concerns about "the really toxic arms of this institution" played a significant role in her choice to distance herself.

The 33-year-old artist opened up further during a discussion on The New York Times’ Popcast podcast. “Nashville is home. It’s where my heart, my family, and some of the world’s most brilliant songwriters reside,” Morris reflected.

She emphasized the magnetic pull of Nashville, which attracts talent from entertainment hubs like Los Angeles and New York. However, she also underscored a pressing need for self-preservation. “The relentless cycle of tolerating and rationalizing inappropriate behaviors became too much, especially post-2020.

That year transformed me in ways I hadn’t anticipated,” Morris stated.

2020's Impact on Artists

Maren’s sentiment underscores a broader narrative. The year 2020, marked by global crises and personal reckonings, has led many artists to reevaluate their places within their respective industries.

For Morris, while the essence of country music remains close to her heart, the peripheries of its world have become increasingly intolerable. In her words, dubbing her decision as "leaving country music" sounds rather "ridiculous”.

Yet, she finds herself unable to engage with many facets of the industry. Maren seems to be charting a path to a more authentic self, one not bound by the confines of any specific genre or expectations. “I’m forging ahead on my terms.

And to those who resonate with my journey, you’re welcome to join,” she warmly invites. This new chapter for Morris hints at a metamorphosis, not just for the artist herself, but potentially for an industry in flux, as it grapples with modern challenges and changing perspectives.