Ms. Monét Wows on 'The Voice' with Stellar Winwood Cover

Ms. Monét Shines, Transforming From Support to Star on Stage

by Nouman Rasool
Ms. Monét Wows on 'The Voice' with Stellar Winwood Cover
© Jason Merritt/GettyImages

In a display of vocal mastery during the blind auditions on NBC’s hit series, 'The Voice,' former backup singer Ms. Monét delivered an impassioned rendition of Steve Winwood’s iconic track, “Higher Love," astonishing both judges and viewers alike on the October 3rd episode.

Her powerful, emotive performance did not merely exhibit a stellar vocal range but reverberated a potent tale of seasoned expertise finally stepping into a long-deserved limelight. While it took judges Gwen Stefani and Reba McEntire a moment to swivel their chairs in acknowledgment, the vibrant dynamism of Ms.

Monét’s delivery subsequently ignited a fiery competition among the judges to onboard this burgeoning star onto their respective teams. Opening the cascade of effusive praise, Niall Horan lavished admiration upon the singer’s technical prowess and control, stating, “God, that was incredible…It’s such a technical voice, and there’s so much power and control…” The commendation from Horan underscored a collective awe, despite his abstinence from turning due to a self-professed inability to enhance such refined talent.

Unveiling Past Collaborations

A stunning revelation surfaced as Ms. Monét disclosed a previous collaboration with Stefani, contributing to the latter’s 2017 holiday album. This professional familiarity neither dampened nor swayed the appeals from the judges, with Stefani passionately conveying her intent to uplift the seasoned background singer into a gleaming solo spot.

“I would love to bring that out and make you shine,” she sincerely offered. Ms. Monét eventually found her new musical home with Team McEntire, marking a momentous juncture in her evolving journey from supportive vocal adornment to a potentially illuminating solo career.

The exemplary and heartfelt performance of Ms. Monét not only exemplified the encapsulating power of “Higher Love” but also symbolized a poignant narrative of undeterred perseverance and latent recognition in the competitive world of music.

Her narrative underscores a testament that every shimmering star, once veiled in the backdrop, warrants a chance to unabashedly shine in the forefront. Watch the compelling journey of artists like Ms. Monét on 'The Voice,' as it continues to air on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, where dreams are not only visualized but fervently celebrated.