Cheryl's Business Struggles Amid Girls Aloud Reunion Buzz

Cheryl ventures beyond music into film and television

by Nouman Rasool
Cheryl's Business Struggles Amid Girls Aloud Reunion Buzz
© Eamonn M. McCormack/GettyImages

Cheryl Tweedy's business, CC Entertainment, reportedly faces financial challenges for the second year running, even as the famed singer hints at a possible return to the music world. The London-established enterprise, which Cheryl founded in 2009, has accumulated debts amounting to £1.35 million, despite her lauded recent appearance on London's West End stage.

This is slightly better than last year when the business reported a deficit of £1.46 million. Even though Cheryl, at 40, enjoys immense popularity due to her association with Girls Aloud and her recurring role on The X Factor, her musical career seems to have hit a plateau in the past few years.

Her 2019 single, "Let You", secured the 57th spot on the UK chart, and her last album, "Only Human", came out in 2014. Since then, Cheryl has been illuminating the London stage. Her performance in the play "2:22 A Ghost Story" reportedly earned her £1,000 each night during her three-month run.

Cheryl's Acting and TV Roles

Apart from her achievements in music, Cheryl has a few acting credits to her name. She played herself in the movie "What To Expect When You're Expecting" and portrayed a music agent in the 2020 film "Four Kids And It".

Her foray into television saw her judging the BBC show "The Greatest Dancer" in 2019, although the show was discontinued the following year. In a recent development, Cheryl, along with ex-Girls Aloud members Kimberley Walsh, Nicola Adams, and Nadine Coyle, unveiled a new venture named "Let’s Go Eskimo".

This company, named after a Girls Aloud song lyric, aims to manage the band's finances. This move has fueled rumors of a potential reunion, especially after their performance at a charity event in memory of their late bandmate, Sarah Harding, last year.

Sarah, who tragically succumbed to breast cancer at 39 in 2021, had been honored by her bandmates with The Primrose Ball, an event to collect funds for cancer research. Speaking about the profound loss, Cheryl admitted to MailOnline that it made her cherish life more and brought her closer to her fellow band members. Their renewed bond was evident as they were spotted together in September at the wedding of publicist Simon Jones.