Mac DeMarco and Ryan Paris Collaborate on "Simply Paradise"

Musical Icons DeMarco and Paris Forge Unlikely Partnership

by Nouman Rasool
Mac DeMarco and Ryan Paris Collaborate on "Simply Paradise"
© Brian Ach/GettyImages

In a surprising musical alliance, Mac DeMarco and renowned Italian singer Ryan Paris have united to create a captivating new song titled "Simply Paradise." This unexpected collaboration has drawn significant attention, as DeMarco has long admired Paris's work and even expressed his admiration in a 2014 Pitchfork documentary called "Pepperoni Playboy." In the documentary, DeMarco cited Paris as a source of inspiration and playfully danced down the street to one of his songs.

Paris, aware of DeMarco's appreciation, extended an invitation to him to collaborate on a remix of his iconic track "Dolce Vita." DeMarco eagerly accepted, expressing his enthusiasm by stating, "Very interested in working with you." The two artists finally came together in September 2023 when Ryan Paris invited DeMarco to his home near the picturesque beaches of Rome.

"Simply Paradise" is the delightful result of the creative synergy that unfolded during the three nights they spent working together. Mac DeMarco praised Paris, describing him as an inspiration and a wonderful artist, saying, "Our time together was simply… paradise."

Creative Synergy Sparks Unique Song

Ryan Paris shared his excitement about the collaboration, comparing their creative process to the legendary partnership of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the '60s.

Their collaboration was marked by a spontaneous and free-flowing approach. Paris began singing melodic but nonsensical phrases in his trademark Italian-spaghetti English, while DeMarco added clever, whimsical English lyrics.

Their dynamic eventually evolved into a playful nod to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's collaboration in "The Girl Is Mine," resulting in a song that was completed in just a few hours. In a recent interview with NME, Mac DeMarco shed light on his evolving musical direction.

He admitted, "I mean, with these last couple of releases I've probably freed myself in most regards. I almost feel like there was a long time where I was pretending to be something that I wasn't." The unexpected pairing of Mac DeMarco and Ryan Paris in "Simply Paradise" has sparked curiosity and excitement among music enthusiasts worldwide.

Their unique collaboration is set to make waves in the music industry and leave a lasting impact on fans of both artists.