Flipside Fest Lights Up Garden City with George Clanton’s Vaporwave Vibrations

Clanton's artistry blurs genre boundaries with abstract allure

by Nouman Rasool
Flipside Fest Lights Up Garden City with George Clanton’s Vaporwave Vibrations
© George Clanton - Topic/YouTube

Garden City was buzzing with melodic energy as the second edition of the esteemed “Flipside Fest” landed in town. The festival was graced by an array of artists, including names like The Regrettes and The Walkmen.

Yet, among these shining stars, George Clanton - a prodigious Los Angeles-based musician - held a magnetic appeal for attendees. Touring nationwide, Clanton's pitstop in Idaho marked one among his ambitious 35-show schedule.

This LA artist has more than just a talent for tunes; his journey into music began in his childhood. Reflecting on those days, Clanton commented, “It's intriguing to glance back at my nascent fascination with music and ponder its significance”.

Clanton's Undefined Musical Canvas

Defining Clanton’s music is a challenge. While many associate him with the dawn of the "vaporwave" movement, he believes his creations are abstract, akin to the unpredictable beauty that emerges when paint meets canvas.

He mentioned, “An abstract vision guides my music until a song begins to take shape”. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch “100% Electronica,” an independent record label. This venture houses an eclectic mix of artists including Clanton, Death’s Dynamic Shroud, Equip, and Windows 96, to name a few.

July 28 marked a milestone for Clanton with the release of “Ooh Rap | Ya”, encompassing nine enthralling tracks. “I Been Young” stands out, amassing over 1.4 million streams since its debut. It’s noteworthy that his last full album was in 2018, punctuated by standalone singles and a collaborative project with 311's Nick Hexum.

Diving into his inspirations, Clanton confessed, “My creativity stems from within, rather than the external process”. His tenure in the musical arena has taught him resilience, especially given its demanding nature.

He emphasizes the need for tenacity, “To thrive in music, one must have an unwavering spirit. For me, there wasn’t an alternate path; persistence was key”. At Flipside, a diverse fanbase converged around the stage, eagerly awaiting Clanton’s mesmerizing performance.

The audience, lost in his melodies, sang and danced in unison. With digital visuals enhancing his lyrical prowess, Clanton’s vivacity was palpable. His camaraderie with fans, engaging banter between tracks, and unparalleled musical style made his performance a Flipside highlight.

It’s undeniable: Clanton’s musical allure not only enchanted his loyalists but also introduced the nuances of 'vaporwave' to newcomers, solidifying his place as a standout act of the festival.