Lizzo Seeks Dismissal of 'Ridiculous' Lawsuits Amidst New Evidence

Lizzo's Legal Battle: New Developments Emerge Amid Lawsuits

by Nouman Rasool
Lizzo Seeks Dismissal of 'Ridiculous' Lawsuits Amidst New Evidence
© Wendell Teodoro/GettyImages

Pop sensation Lizzo is pushing back against recent lawsuits filed by three former backup dancers, who accused her of s*xual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. In a turn of events, Lizzo's attorney, Marty Singer, has presented compelling evidence in an attempt to have the case dismissed.

Singer has recently come forward with photographs that shed new light on the situation. These images depict Lizzo's accusers reportedly "happily carousing" and "gleefully reveling" backstage with performers from a t*pless cabaret show in Paris during Lizzo's tour.

These pictures date back to March 5, approximately a month after the infamous February visit to Bananenbar in Amsterdam. Armed with this evidence, Lizzo is now vigorously seeking to have the harassment claims labeled as "ridiculous."

Lizzo Seeks Dismissal and Jury Trial

According to exclusive documents obtained by Page Six, Lizzo has formally requested the Los Angeles Superior Court to dismiss the lawsuits, asserting no less than 31 lines of defense in support of her position.

Nevertheless, she is also requesting a trial by jury to address the complaints in a transparent and impartial manner. In these new documents, the "About Damn Time" singer vehemently denies "each and every allegation" leveled against her.

One key defense strategy is accusing her former dancers of having "unclean hands," a legal term implying their involvement in unethical actions related to the lawsuit's subject matter. Furthermore, Lizzo's legal team argues that the singer had established "anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies and complaint procedures," which the dancers allegedly failed to utilize.

This lapse, according to the defense, demonstrates their unwillingness to follow proper internal protocols. The court papers assert, "Defendants' conduct was justified," reinforcing Lizzo's commitment to a fair and respectful work environment.

Additionally, Lizzo contends that there is insufficient evidence proving that her dancers suffered damages or losses directly due to her actions, rather than external factors or their own conduct. As this high-profile legal battle unfolds, Lizzo remains resolute in her defense against the allegations, backed by both her legal team and compelling photographic evidence that challenges the credibility of her accusers.