Tony Jackson Drops 'Do You Remember Country Music' Video with Randy Travis Cameo

Tony Jackson and Randy Travis unite in country homage.

by Nouman Rasool
Tony Jackson Drops 'Do You Remember Country Music' Video with Randy Travis Cameo
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In a heartwarming ode to the roots of country music, Tony Jackson has unveiled the music video for his latest track, "Do You Remember Country Music," exclusively premiered on PEOPLE. This sentimental masterpiece not only pays tribute to the genre's enduring legacy but also features a cameo appearance by country icon Randy Travis.

The release of this video precedes the highly anticipated launch of Jackson's new album, "I’ve Got Songs to Sing," scheduled for Friday. Set against the backdrop of Johnny Cash's legendary cabin in Bon Aqua, Tennessee, the music video transports viewers to a bygone era of country music.

Surrounded by the artifacts and photographs of iconic artists, Jackson's soulful rendition of the classic-sounding track prompts reflection on the profound impact of country music. Throughout the video, he poignantly asks, "Do you remember country music?" In an exclusive statement shared with PEOPLE, Jackson delves into the inspiration behind the track, saying, "‘Do You Remember Country Music’ speaks to my love for traditional country music." He explains that the song was born out of a deep-seated desire to pay homage to the golden era of country, reviving memories of its soulful melodies and reminding the world of the rich storytelling that defines the genre.

Iconic Filming Location

What makes this project even more special is the choice of filming location: Johnny Cash's farm. Jackson describes it as a place steeped in history and the echoes of legendary performances, perfectly encapsulating the essence of "Do You Remember Country Music." He reminisces about standing on hallowed ground, enveloped by the spirit of the music legend who once graced those fields, making it a surreal and poignant experience.

For Jackson, it felt like they were contributing to a continuum, preserving the heritage of country music while adding their unique chapter to its illustrious story. The highlight of the video is undoubtedly the cameo appearance by Randy Travis, a Country Hall of Famer and a revered figure in the industry.

Travis makes his entrance just before the video's conclusion, delivering a poignant "amen." For Jackson, having Travis join him in this tribute was a dream come true. This collaboration marks yet another milestone in the partnership between Tony Jackson and Randy Travis, with Jackson having previously covered Travis's hit "Forever and Ever, Amen" and performed "Deeper Than the Holler" on the Country Rebel YouTube channel.

As "Do You Remember Country Music" resonates with fans and aficionados alike, it serves as a heartfelt reminder of the enduring power of country music and its timeless ability to connect generations.