Madeline Argy: Split with Central Cee Felt Like a 'Toxic Band-Aid Rip'

Argy reveals intricate dynamics of her past romance

by Nouman Rasool
Madeline Argy: Split with Central Cee Felt Like a 'Toxic Band-Aid Rip'
© Alessandro Levati/GettyImages

Madeline Argy recently divulged personal insights on her tumultuous relationship with U.K. rapper Central Cee during her candid chat with Alex Cooper on the latest episode of "Call Her Daddy." Argy, who recently joined Cooper’s Unwell Network, shed light on the dynamic that kept the duo oscillating between attraction and apprehension.

The 23-year-old influencer reminisced about their two-year "entanglement," revealing it was the first time she publicly addressed their now-ended relationship, which had culminated two months prior. “The final decision was mine,” Argy confided to Cooper.

Argy's Tumultuous Love Rollercoaster

Diving deeper, Argy articulated the complexity of their bond, marked by intense mutual fascination. Their relationship was characterized by vacillations, she described, sometimes feeling excitingly toxic.

"It's the lure of just one more trip, one more night together," Argy mused. Even when both acknowledged their unhappiness, they often found themselves gravitating back to each other. “Finally, it felt like a Band-Aid needed to be ripped off,” Argy remarked, referencing the inevitable breakup.

A particular conversation with a close friend served as a turning point. After revealing undisclosed relationship details, Argy had an epiphany. "It was clear – this had to end," she declared. During the New York Fashion Week, she faced another test.

Central Cee, 25, whose real name is Oakley Neil H.T Caesar-Su, reached out. Tempted to reunite, Argy expressed her internal conflict: “It’s like I'm addicted to chaos. I sometimes crave those wild 'Oh my God' moments,” she reflected.

The last rendezvous between Argy and Central Cee was at a dinner hosted by Olivia Rodrigo. Their palpable tension didn't go unnoticed, even prompting concern from the "Vampire" singer. Rodrigo, sensing the undercurrents, checked on Argy, hinting at the evident strain between the two.

Despite their past, Argy wholeheartedly celebrates Central Cee's burgeoning career. Reflecting on his achievements, she pondered the real reasons for their attempt to persist in a deteriorating relationship. She emphatically addressed rumors speculating their relationship as a mere PR stunt.

“If it was for PR, he'd have been all over my feed," she quipped, underscoring their efforts to keep their relationship under wraps for a considerable time.