Broadway Star Honors Aretha in West Michigan Symphony Show

A harmonious union of talents honors Aretha's legacy

by Nouman Rasool
Broadway Star Honors Aretha in West Michigan Symphony Show
© Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

MUSKEGON, Mich. – Celebrations of iconic figures are always a joyous occasion, and this week, music enthusiasts are in for a treat. The West Michigan Symphony, a cornerstone of Michigan's music scene, has put together an awe-inspiring concert to honor the legendary "queen of soul," Aretha Franklin.

But what makes this event even more intriguing is the inclusion of a special guest, one whose voice has graced the stages of Broadway and the screens of many television shows. Capathia Jenkins, a tour-de-force in the world of musical theater, is no stranger to the spotlight.

Having dazzled audiences across the nation with her performances alongside various orchestras, Jenkins is set to bring her own unique flair and vocal prowess to the symphony's tribute. For Jenkins, the opportunity to sing Franklin's songs isn't just another performance; it's a genuine honor.

"Being able to channel Aretha's power and raw emotion is both a challenge and a gift," she remarked.

Darryl Williams Elevates Tribute

But the magic doesn't end with Jenkins. The stage will further light up as Darryl Williams joins the fold, offering his own rendition of some of Franklin's most cherished hits.

The duo, backed by the magnificent West Michigan Symphony, promises an evening that's nothing short of mesmerizing. For those eager to be part of this musical journey, the "Aretha: A Tribute" concert will be held on Friday at the renowned Frauenthal Center in Muskegon.

An architectural gem and a hub for the arts, the center provides the perfect backdrop for a night dedicated to one of music's greatest legends. Tickets for this unforgettable evening start at a modest $19, ensuring that fans of all backgrounds have a chance to witness this melding of classic and contemporary talents.

If you've ever been moved by Aretha Franklin's soulful tunes or have a penchant for Broadway-quality performances, this event is certainly not to be missed. With a fusion of talent, passion, and history, the West Michigan Symphony's tribute to Aretha is bound to leave attendees spellbound.