Taylor Swift's Post Mobilizes 35k Swifties to Register on Voter Day

Swift's advocacy sparks monumental turnout on Vote.org

by Nouman Rasool
Taylor Swift's Post Mobilizes 35k Swifties to Register on Voter Day
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On a recent Tuesday, Taylor Swift, the 33-year-old pop sensation, took to Instagram to amplify the significance of National Voter Registration Day. Her efforts bore fruit as over 35,000 first-time voters registered after her post, a testament to her indomitable influence in the music world and beyond.

"I've witnessed the power of your voices firsthand," Swift began her statement, addressing her massive fanbase, known as the Swifties. Her Instagram Stories plea wasn’t merely a fleeting moment; it led to a significant uptick in numbers on Vote.org.

Hailey Celebrates Swift's Impact

Andrea Hailey, the CEO of Vote.org, revealed that apart from the 35,000 fresh registrations, an additional 50,000 individuals verified their registration status. Furthermore, the platform witnessed a staggering 115% surge in registrations among 18-year-olds compared to the prior year. The pop star's post alone drove over 1.3 million users to the site. Grateful for Swift's advocacy, Hailey penned, “Dear @taylorswift13 - your commitment to democracy has given it a luminous shine. Thank you for echoing the importance of every vote!”

The surge in website traffic wasn’t unnoticed. Nick Morrow, Vote.org's Communications Director, pointed out an impressive stat: the site experienced an average of 13,000 users every half-hour. Fittingly, the number '13', Swift’s cherished birthdate and favored numeral, played a role, prompting Morrow to quip, “Taylor’s knack for influencing is undeniably exceptional! #NVRD.”

However, this isn't Swift's first rodeo in urging her 272 million-strong follower base to engage in civic duty. She coupled her registration drive with heartfelt reflections on her recent Eras Tour, emphasizing the might of their collective voices. "Prepare to exercise your right in our upcoming elections," she entreated, leading fans to Vote.org with a handy registration link.

But Swift's advocacy isn't a one-off event. Earlier, during a heated mayoral race in Nashville, she encouraged locals to participate, showcasing her "I voted today" sticker on her Instagram Story. "It's our chance to define our representation for the next term," she reminded her followers.

From endorsing Tennessee's Democratic Senate candidate, Phil Bredesen in 2018, to motivating Swifties to participate in the 2020 elections, Swift has grown increasingly vocal about her political stance. As this latest endeavor demonstrates, when Taylor Swift speaks, the world, especially her Swifties, listens.

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