Lauren Alaina: Dressing Room Essentials & Top Show Revealed!

Lauren Alaina unveils backstage rituals and treasured memories.

by Nouman Rasool
Lauren Alaina: Dressing Room Essentials & Top Show Revealed!
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Country sensation Lauren Alaina is soaring to new heights. The vocalist, having just unveiled her latest EP titled "Unlocked," surprised fans earlier this week with a solo rendition of "Thicc as Thieves," originally a collaborative piece with fellow singer Lainey Wilson.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this 28-year-old talent. Fresh off a world tour alongside the acclaimed a cappella group, Pentatonix, Alaina is setting her sights on upcoming performances spanning across states from Connecticut to Wyoming.

For a more personal touch, she’s giving fans a sneak peek into her touring life through the lens of Us Weekly’s Backstage Pass. In an intimate conversation, the former American Idol finalist – a notable runner-up in the show’s tenth season – revealed her pre-show rituals that help her get into the right headspace.

Alaina, known for her impeccable taste, mentioned, "Before every gig, my dressing room is filled with my preferred munchies – beef jerky and a fresh veggie platter. Snacks set the mood right for me."

"Alaina's Handshake Ritual Revealed

It's not all about the snacks, though.

There's a heartwarming camaraderie that Alaina shares with her band and crew. "Every one of us on tour has a unique handshake. It's our way of connecting. We gather, say a prayer, share our signature handshakes, and then it’s showtime," she said.

Onstage, while every song is a piece of her heart, "Road Less Traveled" stands out. This track, her first to clinch the No. 1 spot, is a poignant reminder of her transformative journey. "Hearing the audience echo its lyrics back to me is overwhelmingly emotional.

It's a testament to the way my life has evolved," she gushed. Post-performance, don’t expect Lauren to be at some high-profile party. She cherishes moments of solitude. "My perfect wind-down involves spending quality time on the tour bus with my adorable dogs and my closest friend, Molly.

If my fiancé, Cameron Arnold, joins in, it's the cherry on top. We’re a low-key bunch," she admitted. Yet, of all the concerts and shows, one evening remains unparalleled. The night she was ushered into the Grand Ole Opry's family in February 2022.

She reminisced, "Being inducted by Trisha Yearwood, singing 'Walkaway Joe' alongside her, while Garth Brooks strummed the guitar – it was surreal. Then, a personal video from Dolly Parton. It's an experience I believe I’ll never surpass."