Shubhneet Singh's India Tour Cancelled Amid Controversial Allegations

Controversy swirls around Shubh's recent social media post

by Nouman Rasool
Shubhneet Singh's India Tour Cancelled Amid Controversial Allegations
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In a series of unexpected events, Shubhneet Singh, widely known as Shubh, faced the cancellation of his much-anticipated ‘Still Rollin India Tour’. The Punjabi-Canadian rapper, who gained immense popularity with his track ‘Still Rollin’, expressed his profound disappointment and sadness over the recent developments on his official Instagram account.

Shubh, who made headlines in 2021 with his breakout single 'We Rollin', achieving a whopping 201 million YouTube views by 2023, was looking forward to sharing his unique blend of music and culture with his Indian fans.

BookMyShow Halts Shubh's Tour

However, trouble started when BookMyShow, the ticketing partner for his tour, halted sales after receiving considerable backlash on social media.

Accusations pointed at Shubh for allegedly supporting 'Khalistan' after he shared a post regarding the recent disturbances in Punjab, which included widespread power and internet outages. In an attempt to clarify the air around the controversy, Shubh stated, "The sole intention behind my post was to pray for the well-being of Punjab amidst the reported disturbances.

At no point did I intend to hurt sentiments or project any other motives." Emphasizing his deep-rooted love and connection to his homeland, Shubh's Instagram post read: "India is my birthplace, the land of my ancestors who gave everything for its freedom.

Punjab runs deep in my veins; its legacy, its sacrifices. It's heartbreaking to be labeled based on misunderstandings. Punjabis have a rich history of sacrificing for the nation's freedom. Labeling every Punjabi as a separatist or anti-national is hurtful." His emotional note further went on, highlighting the teachings of his guru, the essence of being Punjabi, and his continuous commitment to his craft, despite these trying times.

Shubh concluded his message with a heartfelt thank you to his supporters and a prayer for universal well-being. Shubh's rapid ascent in the music world, coupled with his genuine passion for his culture and roots, makes this controversy even more poignant.

As fans and onlookers await further developments, the music community, in general, hopes for a resolution that allows artists to express and perform freely.