Lana Del Rey's Unexpected Stint at Waffle House Takes the Internet by Storm

An unexpected turn in Lana's summer escapades unfolds.

by Nouman Rasool
Lana Del Rey's Unexpected Stint at Waffle House Takes the Internet by Storm
© Rebecca Sapp/GettyImages

In an unexpected twist to the singer's star-studded life, Lana Del Rey surprised the world when she was seen working at a Waffle House earlier this summer. The Internet couldn't get enough of it, making it a viral sensation overnight.

Recently, Lana shared some delightful insights into her short-term Waffle House tenure during an intimate conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. This iconic event occurred during Lana's week-long trip to Florence, Alabama, where she spent quality time with her siblings.

The trio found themselves repeatedly visiting the same Waffle House, enough that the staff began to recognize them. On one memorable morning, after spending considerable time as customers, Lana was unexpectedly given an opportunity to step into the shoes of a server.

Lana's Quirky Serving Debut

Her initiation task? Catering to a loyal patron's unique request: a Coke without ice and an empty cup for his chewing tobacco. "Just go get it for him," she was instructed, a direction she amusingly recalls.

But it wasn't just about serving up drinks and diner delights. When snippets of Lana's stint started circulating online, memes and posts celebrating her unexpected role dominated social media feeds. The explosion of messages was so overwhelming that Lana mentioned she woke up to a flood of texts, "I received like 10,000 messages, many from people I hadn't connected with in a decade.

They'd say, 'Saw your picture at the Waffle House!' To which I'd cheekily reply, 'Did you check out the new album?'" Speaking of which, Lana's latest musical offering, "Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd," was launched on March 24, 2023.

While the attention from her Waffle House episode was immense, Lana humorously noted her wish for her music to garner the same level of virality. With her playful spirit and undeniable talent, Lana Del Rey once again proves that she's not just an artist, but a figure who effortlessly bridges the gap between everyday experiences and the glamorous world of celebrity.