Roger Whittaker, Revered Folk Singer of "The Last Farewell," Dies at 87

Music world grapples with Whittaker's profound departure

by Nouman Rasool
Roger Whittaker, Revered Folk Singer of "The Last Farewell," Dies at 87
© Ralf Juergens/GettyImages

In a sorrowful revelation this week, the world of music mourns the passing of iconic folk singer, Roger Whittaker. At the age of 87, Whittaker, whose voice graced classic hits like "The Last Farewell," "New World in the Morning," and "Durham Town," has departed our world.

Whittaker's family, together with Sony Music, released a poignant joint statement on Tuesday, September 19, via the musician's official website. The announcement disclosed that the legendary singer had actually breathed his last on September 13.

The specifics surrounding his passing, including the cause of death, remain private at this time.

Whittaker's Family Mourns Loss

The statement poignantly read, "Our dear Roger Whittaker left us on September 13th, 2023. In the tranquil embrace of his family, he departed this world." As grief envelopes the Whittaker clan and the wider music community, the family and Sony Music have expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support, adding, “He was not only an influential artist but also a dedicated husband and loving father”.

Roger Whittaker's legacy is mirrored in his personal life. He is lovingly remembered by Natalie, his devoted wife of nearly six decades, and their cherished children: Alexander, Emily, Guy, Jessica, and Lauren. One cannot discuss Whittaker's illustrious career without mentioning his 1975 chart-topping hit, "The Last Farewell." The biography on his website sheds light on its significant success.

The emotional announcement on his passing eloquently noted, "Roger's musical craft touched countless souls, creating moments that will forever linger in our hearts." While the world reminisces about Roger's unparalleled contributions to music, his family has appealed for discretion.

They seek a quiet space to grieve and have expressed their gratitude for the public's respect during this trying period. In a heartfelt conclusion, the statement reminded us all, "Roger's essence may have departed, but his musical legacy will resonate eternally. He will be profoundly missed."