Snoop Dogg's Unexpected Phobia Surfaces: Horses!

Delving deeper, Snoop shares a peculiar on-set preference

by Nouman Rasool
Snoop Dogg's Unexpected Phobia Surfaces: Horses!
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In a candid revelation on the latest episode of his YouTube show, "Double G News", iconic rapper Snoop Dogg (officially known as Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) confessed an unexpected fear: Equinophobia, which is the medical term for the fear of horses.

In a lively chat with guest Tiffany Haddish, Snoop admitted, "I'm genuinely terrified of them." This revelation came as a shock after Haddish shared her youthful aspiration of raising horses. She responded incredulously, "Considering how tall and imposing you are? Really?"

Snoop Avoids On-Screen Horses

Snoop elaborated, "Absolutely.

To this day, it haunts me. It's bizarre, but you'll never see me sharing screen space with a horse. Sure, I've acted alongside ostriches, iguanas, and a slew of other creatures, but never a horse. If a horse is around, I’d prefer to be anywhere but near it." What amplifies the uniqueness of this phobia is that while Snoop's wife, Shante Broadus, owned a horse for three years, the rapper consciously kept his distance from the creature.

Trying to offer a rationale, Haddish humorously theorized that perhaps in a previous life, Snoop might've had a traumatic incident involving a horse. Playing along, Snoop jestingly remarked, "I think I might've been the fabled Headless Horseman." Despite his deeply-rooted fear, the rapper hasn't ruled out the possibility of eventually confronting and perhaps overcoming it.

However, there's a catch. Snoop said, "I recognize the significance horses hold for many. So, maybe, just maybe, I'd be willing to meet a baby horse – or perhaps a small donkey. It could be my first step in learning to be comfortable around them." This light-hearted, yet genuine revelation underscores the unpredictable facets of celebrity lives, reminding us that stars, in many ways, grapple with fears just like the rest of us.

Whether Snoop ever truly faces his equine fears remains to be seen, but for now, fans have a quirky new insight into the mind of this legendary rapper.

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