Halle Berry Accuses Drake of Unauthorized Photo Use; Rapper Delays Album Release

Digital etiquette takes center stage in recent celebrity controversy

by Nouman Rasool
Halle Berry Accuses Drake of Unauthorized Photo Use; Rapper Delays Album Release
© Presley Ann/GettyImages

Halle Berry, the iconic Monster's Ball actress, recently expressed her displeasure after Drake and his former flame, SZA, used a past photograph of her for promotional purposes. The image, which featured Berry getting slimed at the 2012 Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, was used to promote the single "Slime You Out." Berry, known for her elegance and grace, seemed quite taken aback by the use of her image without permission.

Taking to her Instagram, the 57-year-old Oscar winner posted a cryptic message: "Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy...even if you're a woman!" Many of her fans were quick to rally behind her, echoing sentiments about the importance of gaining permissions and basic courtesy.

Fans Echo Permission's Importance

One fan's comment resonated with many: "Gaining permission from others is always important when using anything that's theirs, including their image and likeness." Another supporter commented, "She has every right to be mad.

It's simple courtesy. Permission is a must!" The track in the spotlight, "Slime You Out," not only caught attention for this controversy but also for its connection to the past relationship between Drake and SZA. While Drake's promotional material contained the photograph of Berry, the official track cover features artwork created by his son, Adonis.

This artwork will also grace the cover of his much-anticipated upcoming album, "For All The Dogs." Interestingly, both Drake and SZA took to their respective Instagram handles to share the image of Halle, further intensifying the discussion around permissions and respect in the industry.

Amidst the unfolding drama, Drake, known for his cryptic posts, shared an image of himself donning a t-shirt with the text, "What the hell is going on?" followed by laughing emojis, possibly hinting at the ongoing buzz. The track's release has also reignited talks of Drake and SZA's past involvement, hinted at in the lyrics of his 2021 song "Mr Right Now." Amidst these discussions, Drake surprised his fans by announcing a delay in the release of "For All The Dogs." Initially set for September 22, he revealed on his Instagram stories that it has been pushed to October 6.

He hinted at the challenges of balancing his ongoing "It's All a Blur" tour with the album's final touches. As fans eagerly await the release, it's undeniable that the combined allure of controversies, past relationships, and the sheer talent of the artists will ensure the album’s spotlight in the music industry.