Shania Twain's Stunning Makeover & Big Announcement

Shania unveils unexpected look ahead of European tour

by Nouman Rasool
Shania Twain's Stunning Makeover & Big Announcement
© Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

The renowned Canadian country-pop sensation, Shania Twain, is back on the spotlight! After a brief two-month hiatus, the 58-year-old music powerhouse returns with renewed vigor to her international 'Queen of Me' Tour. Twain's musical journey continues in Europe, starting with an electrifying performance this evening, September 14th, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Further performances are slated for the enthusiastic fans in England and Ireland.

Twain's Teaser: Stage Transformation

Earlier, Twain had given her fans a sneak peek into what's in store, unveiling an astonishing transformation.

On her Instagram, she shared a captivating video snippet from a past tour. Donned in a sleek black trench coat, rose-tinted glasses, and a radiant red wig, she is discreetly carted out, concealed from the eager audience. The moment the covering is whisked away, she stands center stage, her presence sending waves of excitement through the crowd.

As the musical chords begin, she belts out "Waking Up Dreaming," the lead track from her recent album, 'Queen of Me' The video also showcases glimpses of her in her iconic brown curls. Following this awe-inspiring intro, the music star dashes backstage.

Moments later, she emerges in her classic glittering bodysuit, paired with a cowboy hat – a perfect ensemble for her energetic performance. Shania shared her enthusiasm on Instagram: "We're BACK! First night of the UK & Ireland #QueenOfMeTour kicks off tonight!

Let's go Glasgowwwww (said in a Scottish accent)." The outpouring of love from her fans was palpable, with remarks flooding in about their anticipation and past experiences. Twain’s 'Queen of Me' tour has been dotted with heartwarming fan moments.

These range from baby gender reveals to an unexpected appearance by Hoda Kotb from the Today Show. Post the European segment, which wraps up in two weeks, the tour will take a breather till October 12th. It will then move on to entertain audiences in North America.

SEE: Shania Twain is a bombshell in sheer bodysuit and insane feathered boots The grand finale of this musical extravaganza, a sequel to her immensely popular 'Let's Go! Las Vegas' residency, is set for November 14 in Vancouver.

Twain, during her tour announcement, had expressed her unwavering energy, saying, "Life is short... I want to celebrate this new chapter with you all on my tour!" Promising a grand party with her fans, she expressed her intent to make it a memorable experience.