Morris Departs 'Small Town' in New Video

Morris unveils poignant visuals from her latest EP, The Bridge.

by Nouman Rasool
Morris Departs 'Small Town' in New Video
© Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment

On September 15, Maren Morris, the 33-year-old country sensation, unveiled captivating visuals for two tracks from her newly released EP, The Bridge. In the video for "The Tree," viewers find Morris navigating a meticulously crafted miniature rendition of a quintessential country town, adorned with signs like “Don’t Tread On Me,” and “I Believe in God & Guns”.

Central to this town is a barren tree, emblematic of Morris's sentiments in the song. Despite her attempts to rejuvenate the surroundings, the roots, symbolic of deep-seated problems, cling to her. With lyrics emphasizing her exhaustion, Morris sings, “I’m done fillin’ a cup with a hole in the bottom,” and laments the realization that "the tree was already on fire”.

She finally takes a bold step, crossing a bridge away from this bleak setting. The visuals shift in her next track, "Get The Hell out of Here," which showcases Morris in serene pastures, juxtaposing the preceding burning town.

Morris Deciphers 'The Tree's' Symbolism

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Morris elucidated that “‘The Tree’ portrays the agonizing process of seeing a toxic 'family tree' self-destruct”. She adds, "The anguish lies in pouring love and time into a draining, unfruitful relationship." By the song's climax, Morris gives herself the liberty to chase brighter horizons and greener pastures.

Meanwhile, "Get the Hell Out of Here" narrates her personal journey of battling burnout and finding solace in relinquishing control. She emphasizes the importance of self-worth over external validation, shedding the weight of other people's perceptions.

The announcement of this project, a bridge to her forthcoming album, came on September 12. Morris revealed that these two potent tracks, written consecutively, stand as a testament to her recent transformative phase. She stated, "They echo the righteous anger and liberation I've experienced but also hint at my journey forward, embracing my roots in country music and my evolution." Speculations arose amongst fans when teasers for the music videos dropped, alluding to a possible nod to Morris's contemporary, Jason Aldean, particularly in light of their spat in August 2022 over comments about the transgender community.

Morris, an unwavering LGBTQ+ supporter, had retorted to the comments, emphasizing human decency and empathy. The release of Morris's videos and the strength behind her lyrics showcases her resolve, not only as an artist but also as a voice advocating for change and inclusivity.