Kevin Bacon Expresses Desire to Perform with Taylor Swift: 'I Admire Her'

Kevin Bacon unveils unexpected musical aspirations in recent interview.

by Nouman Rasool
Kevin Bacon Expresses Desire to Perform with Taylor Swift: 'I Admire Her'
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The illustrious Kevin Bacon, renowned for both his acting prowess and musical endeavors, recently shared his ardent aspiration: he dreams of performing alongside the pop music sensation, Taylor Swift. While appearing on SiriusXM's acclaimed "Pop Culture Spotlight With Jessica Shaw", Bacon delved into the discussion of his recent collaborative performance with Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden.

Not only did he elucidate the magnitude of that experience, calling it beyond a mere "bucket list" item, but he also opened up about his bigger dreams – those on his "NFW [No F---ing Way] list."

Bacon's Dream: Taylor Swift

When Shaw delved deeper into his wishes, nudging him for a name that's next on his dream performance list, Bacon's response was clear and swift, "Taylor [Swift].

It's unequivocally the ideal choice." Interestingly, despite the palpable appreciation and admiration for the pop icon, Bacon conceded that he's one of the few in Hollywood who hasn’t experienced Swift's Eras tour concert firsthand.

"I've yet to witness her magic on stage. But, believe me, it's high time I do," he commented. He went on to laud Swift not just for her unparalleled musical gifts, but for the empowering messages she conveys through her songs, especially to young women.

"She's an exceptional songwriter. The messages she delivers, her stand for young women, it's truly commendable," Bacon expressed. The versatile actor hinted at the possibility of having the "Love Story" singer as a guest on his new podcast, "Six Degrees With Kevin Bacon".

Drawing to a close, he playfully reached out, “Taylor, if you're tuning in, we'd love to have you”. Given his evident admiration and the potential of such a collaboration, fans would certainly be on the edge of their seats if Swift were to heed Bacon's call.

Bacon’s revelations undoubtedly stand testament to Taylor Swift's ongoing influence in the world of music and pop culture. As fans of both icons, one can only hope that Bacon's dream performance becomes reality.

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