Tenacious D Singer Owns Home in Fayetteville

Rockstar's surprising residential choice stirs Fayetteville buzz.

by Nouman Rasool
Tenacious D Singer Owns Home in Fayetteville
© Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment

In a surprising revelation, Kyle Gass, one half of the acclaimed comedy-rock duo Tenacious D, recently shared with an enthusiastic crowd at Walmart AMP that he's a homeowner in Fayetteville and even hinted at a potential retirement in the charming Arkansas town.

The declaration caught many fans off-guard. Known for his mischievous on-stage antics, including the recurrent gag of quitting the band mid-performance, Gass has a penchant for weaving tall tales. He once jestingly professed to being The Juilliard School's youngest guitar prodigy, graduating at 13 in 1973, only to later confess it as a playful fabrication.

Given Gass's history of theatrical storytelling, some attendees approached his announcement with a dose of skepticism, dismissing it as another theatrical jest for the evening's entertainment. However, this time, it appears Gass wasn't pulling anyone's leg.

Gass's Fayetteville Property Confirmed

A delve into the Washington County property archives reveals a compelling piece of evidence. A certain Kyle Gass, registered with an address in the posh Beverly Hills region, did indeed secure a property on Fayetteville's Sweetbriar Drive in 2019.

This abode, valued at $277,500, later became part of the 'Kyle Richard Gass Living Trust' in 2021. Gass, having graced the entertainment world since the 90s, is best known for his musical escapades with partner-in-crime Jack Black as Tenacious D.

Apart from churning out hits, Gass's repertoire includes notable appearances across various television shows and musical endeavors. As Tenacious D winds down their recent tour, with a few gigs still on their slate, the question now on every Fayetteville resident's mind is: Will they soon spot Kyle Gass, guitar in hand, humming around their town? With this news breaking across platforms like MSN and Google News, fans and Fayetteville natives alike will be keeping their eyes peeled, hoping for an occasional glimpse or even a serenade from the famed musician. For all the latest updates on celebrity moves and the vibrant world of music, stay tuned.