Alicia Witt on 'The Masked Singer' and 'Witness' EP

Alicia Witt: From Acting Stardom to Musical Sensation

by Nouman Rasool
Alicia Witt on 'The Masked Singer' and 'Witness' EP
© Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment

Alicia Witt, the renowned actress and singer with a compelling life story, recently shared insights into her participation in the hit TV show 'The Masked Singer' and her latest EP release, 'Witness,' in an exclusive interview with American Songwriter.

Witt's career, which took off when she was discovered by filmmaker David Lynch at the tender age of eight, has seen her grace both the big and small screens, with notable roles in shows like 'Orange is the New Black,' 'The Walking Dead,' and 'Two and a Half Men.'

Yet, she embarked on a unique musical journey as the enigmatic Dandelion in season nine of 'The Masked Singer.' When asked about her decision to join the show, Witt expressed her enthusiasm, saying, "I didn't have to think very hard about saying yes to The Masked Singer.

It felt like an immediate, 'What a gift that's going to be one of the best things I could possibly do with my time.' " She praised the show's ability to connect with people solely through her voice, describing it as "utter magic." The experience on 'The Masked Singer' had a profound impact on Witt as a musician.

She explained, "Being on The Masked Singer has forever changed the way I think about my voice and the way I think about singing." Witt emphasized the power of music to tell stories and connect with audiences on a deep level, a sentiment that inspired her latest EP, 'Witness,' released in August 2023.

Family's Impact on Witt

Witt's personal journey has also been marked by significant challenges, including overcoming breast cancer in April 2022 and coping with the loss of her parents in December 2021. She spoke about how her parents continue to be a part of her life and her art, stating, "My parents show up all the feel their pride and support, it's really a beautiful thing." Among the tracks on her EP, Witt highlighted "Clever Mind," a song that explores the perspective of a woman involved in an affair.

She collaborated with Tia Sellers, co-writer of Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance," to bring this poignant song to life. Alicia Witt's journey as an artist and survivor is a testament to her resilience and creativity. 'Witness' not only showcases her musical talents but also provides listeners with a glimpse into the depths of her storytelling ability.

As she continues to honor her parents' legacy and connect with audiences, Witt's artistic journey remains as compelling as ever.