Tori Kelly: 'Control' and 'Living in the Moment' Post-Health Crisis

Amidst challenges, Kelly unveils her rawest musical testament yet

by Nouman Rasool
Tori Kelly: 'Control' and 'Living in the Moment' Post-Health Crisis
© Charley Gallay/GettyImages

Late July posed a defining moment in Tori Kelly's life, a juncture when her control, often wielded with grace on stage, seemed to momentarily escape her grasp. The 30-year-old celebrated songstress, in the middle of a serene dinner with friends, suddenly found her heart racing erratically, leading to a dramatic loss of consciousness.

Rushing to her aid, emergency services transported the Grammy-winning singer to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Kelly's critical condition came to light: a series of perilous blood clots in her legs, lungs, and close to her heart.

"It felt like being caught in a storm," the star candidly shared with The Post. "But now, being on the other side, I’m just grateful."

Resilience Defines Kelly's Return

Yet, adversity didn't keep this songbird down for long.

Days after her hospital episode, she launched her self-titled EP, “Tori,” under Epic Records. This offering showcased Kelly at her rawest, exuding confidence, authenticity, and undeniable charm. "Despite my situation, releasing music as scheduled was a healing journey.

Witnessing the outpour of love and support anchored my recovery," Kelly mused. This seven-track wonder was her comeback after the 2020 EP “Solitude” and 2019's “Inspired by True Events”. Now, with renewed vigor, Kelly is set to serenade her fans across North America in an intimate nine-date tour.

Starting with the Axis Club in Toronto, the singer will weave her magic in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, culminating in a much-anticipated performance at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom. In her heartfelt chat with The Post, Kelly unraveled her aspirations post-health crisis, her style evolution, and her outlook on the future.

"The Take Control Tour," inspired by her song "Cut," symbolizes her current life phase of owning her identity, music, and professional journey. Her recent transformation left many fans puzzled. Speaking on her shift from blonde to brunette, she commented, "It's a return to my true self.

This look mirrors my roots and aligns with the music I’m creating now." This change, she says, signifies a fresh chapter in her life. "As I turn 30, there's an overwhelming sense of self-assurance. The music mirrors this evolution, and naming the project 'Tori' felt most genuine," Kelly explained.

Asked about advice to her younger self, she quipped, "Stay grounded, cherish those close to you, and always stay connected to God." Kelly's health scare reshaped her worldview, teaching her to treasure every moment and to remain deeply grateful for her journey and fans.

For those looking to be a part of Kelly’s 2023 revival, tickets for the "Take Control" Tour are currently available.