Maluma Snags Thrown Crutch on Don Juan Tour Debut

Unexpected turns make memorable stage moments for Maluma

by Nouman Rasool
Maluma Snags Thrown Crutch on Don Juan Tour Debut
© Victor Chavez/GettyImages

While many artists experience fervent admiration and fanfare during their performances, occasionally, bizarre and unforeseen incidents also make headlines. In a surprising turn of events on the opening night of Maluma's Don Juan World Tour in Sacramento's Golden 1 Center on August 31st, a fan opted to express themselves in an unconventional manner.

Video footage captured by attendees revealed a crutch being hurled towards the 29-year-old Colombian sensation as he melodiously rendered his 2022 hit, "Mojando Asientos". Maluma, poised on the brink of the stage, stood juxtaposed against an enlarged inflatable dog, a replica of his beloved pet Buda.

In a moment of sheer reflex and dexterity, the "COCO LOCO" singer managed to snag the flying crutch with his unoccupied hand.

Maluma's Impromptu Stage Prop

Despite his evident perplexity at the unexpected gesture, Maluma effortlessly turned the moment around.

With a playful grin, he wielded the crutch akin to a baseball bat, and within moments, incorporated it into his performance. Therein, he seamlessly leaned onto the crutch, using it as a prop to further entertain and amuse his fans.

This Sacramento event marked the commencement of the North American leg of Maluma's 30-city Don Juan World Tour. Based on his "Don Juan" persona, the tour promotes his 2023 album bearing the same title. Earlier in the year, Maluma, whose birth name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias, had expressed his exhilaration in a press release.

He stated, "After a year-long hiatus to refine what I consider my magnum opus, 'Don Juan', I am elated to grace the U.S. arenas this fall." He eagerly added, "This tour encapsulates my most audacious production, and I am eager to share new tracks, alongside cherished hits, to craft an unparalleled musical soiree for my fans." But Maluma isn't alone in experiencing the unexpected on stage.

Another incident this year saw pop icon Bebe Rexha facing a distressing episode when she was hit by a cell phone during a July gig. The 34-year-old artist sustained injuries which required stitches, leading to the subsequent apprehension of the individual responsible for the act. Such incidents remind us of the unpredictable nature of live performances and the challenges artists often encounter.