Bernie Taupin: The Words Behind Elton John

Renowned Lyricist Bernie Taupin's Revealing Memoir Unveils Music World.

by Nouman Rasool
Bernie Taupin: The Words Behind Elton John
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Renowned lyricist Bernie Taupin's new memoir, "Scattershot: Life, Music, Elton & Me," offers readers a captivating journey through the vibrant music scene of the 1970s, '80s, and '90s. While the book delves into the fascinating world of music, it notably spotlights Taupin's intricate relationship with music legend Elton John.

In this memoir, Taupin reveals the profound bond he initially shared with Elton John, describing it as a partnership that once felt like "me and him against the world." However, as their careers soared to new heights, they naturally drifted apart to explore individual paths.

Readers will uncover intriguing anecdotes about some of their favorite songs, such as "Bennie and the Jets," inspired by Fritz Lang's "Metropolis," and "Tiny Dancer," which describes a group of Los Angeles women. Taupin also candidly shares that "I'm Still Standing" was born out of his own personal breakup.

Creative Highs and Celebrity Encounters

The memoir showcases Taupin's extraordinary journey, including the creation of their first U.K. No. 1 hit, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," penned during a poolside, buzzed moment in Barbados.

It provides glimpses into his encounters with notable figures like Andy Warhol and Hugh Hefner, with candid assessments of their personalities. "Scattershot" also touches on the transformation of "Candle in the Wind," from its original version to the iconic tribute to Princess Diana.

Taupin admits that he can't recall the lyrics of the latter, even though it became the highest-selling single of all time. The memoir doesn't shy away from criticism, with Taupin evaluating his own work, calling their debut album "Empty Sky" an acceptable start and labeling "Jump Up!" as subpar.

One unique aspect of "Scattershot" is its thematic structure, inspired by Bob Dylan's "Chronicles," allowing Taupin to explore his experiences with the royal family, adventures in Mexico, and more. As Bernie Taupin prepares for his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he reflects on his contributions to the music industry.

Beyond his collaboration with Elton John, Taupin has co-written hits for other artists like Starship and Heart. He also discusses his passion for creating expressionist art and his love for the equestrian sport of cutting, coming full circle to his cowboy roots.

Taupin's memoir is an unfiltered look into his life, offering readers a unique perspective on his journey in the music world. With its rich storytelling and behind-the-scenes revelations, "Scattershot" promises an engaging and immersive reading experience for music enthusiasts and fans alike.