Season 10 Masked Singer Kickoff: All-Star Unmasking


Season 10 Masked Singer Kickoff: All-Star Unmasking
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Sunday night saw the sensational premiere of "The Masked Singer's" 10th season, launching the series with more grandeur than ever. Fox had hinted at a never-before-seen reveal, coupled with performances by alumni from past seasons.

The anticipation was palpable. The episode commenced with a brisk throwback to the unforgettable moments from the previous nine seasons. The spotlight then shifted to a masked celebrity in the Anonymouse attire, belting out Heart's "What About Love." The performance was peppered with cryptic hints, likening the celebrity's status to luminaries like Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Angelina Jolie.

Speculations flew thick and fast, with panelists making educated guesses ranging from Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande. Viewers were taken on a nostalgic journey, reliving the show's most iconic performances. T-Pain's rendition of "Stay With Me" from the debut season took the top spot, reminding everyone of the series' profound impact.

Notable unmasked alumni, such as Williams and Willis, graced the stage with soulful classics like Aretha Franklin's "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman". The return felt different, with Williams emphasizing the ease of performing without the restricting mask.

Anonymouse's Clues Deepen Mystery

Hints about the mysterious Anonymouse continued. A peculiar clue involving a cement block stirred the air, with guesses pointing towards powerhouses like Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson.

This was complemented by the unveiling of intriguing new costumes for the season, including the Diver, who tantalizingly hinted at his submerged identity. A highlight was the comic homage to Nicole Scherzinger's well-known infatuations with past performers, Thingamajig (Victor Oladipo) and Rhino (Barry Zito).

Their joint rendition of "Meant to Be" had the audience in splits. New costumes were gradually revealed, each more mystifying than the last. From the Gazelle, whose clue hinted at a season 4 celebrity, to the Husky flaunting a $10 million bill hint, the intrigue only thickened.

Scherzinger dazzled with her tribute to the show's 10-year journey, delivering a riveting performance of Prince's "Purple Rain". The episode reached its crescendo with the unmasking of Anonymouse. Amidst final speculations, Demi Lovato emerged, marking a triumphant beginning to the season.

Lovato, set to release a new album "REVAMPED", will also be showcasing her vocal prowess at the VMAs this week. As the curtains drew on this power-packed episode, hints at additional costumes for the season set the tone for what lies ahead.

Don't miss out! "The Masked Singer" returns to your screens on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at its regular 8-9 p.m. ET/PT slot.