Shakira to Dazzle at 2023 VMAs: A Glimpse into a Legacy of Iconic Hits

Colombian superstar garners MTV's esteemed video legacy accolade.

by Nouman Rasool
Shakira to Dazzle at 2023 VMAs: A Glimpse into a Legacy of Iconic Hits
© David Ramos/GettyImages

For those acquainted with the term "regularity" in sports, recognizing constancy and high-level performance, Shakira's illustrious career mirrors such excellence in the music realm. The Barranquilla-born songstress has reigned supreme on international charts for three decades, not once faltering in her musical stride.

This unwavering dominance will be celebrated in a grand manner at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). As we approach the star-studded event set for Tuesday, September 12th in New Jersey, the world waits with bated breath for the Colombian sensation's spellbinding act.

Shakira Earns Vanguard Honors

Amidst the swirling anticipation, it's confirmed: Shakira is slated to receive the prestigious 'Video Vanguard Award' This accolade, celebrating artists who've enriched MTV culture with their video artistry, once bore the moniker 'MTV Michael Jackson Vanguard Award', underscoring the King of Pop's seminal influence on music videos.

Shakira joins an elite club, with past honorees ranging from David Bowie to Beyonce. Significantly, Shakira will be the inaugural Latin American artist to clinch this recognition, a testament to her monumental influence in the industry.

Shakira recently gave fans a behind-the-scenes peek into her preparation. In a shared video, the artist, engrossed in discussion with her team, reveals the challenges of encapsulating her vast repertoire into one act. With hits spanning across decades, one can only wonder how the singer will do justice to each cherished memory on VMA night.

Adding fuel to the fire of speculation, murmurs suggest a potential collaboration between Shakira and fellow Colombian singer, Karol G. Given Karol G's recent VMA-centric social media updates, fans are buzzing about a joint finale performance of their track, 'TQG'

In tandem with these rumors, Shakira's dedicated dance team is reportedly already in New York, amplifying expectations for a performance that promises to be legendary. Shakira's videography itself reads like a chapter from music history, with iconic tracks like 'Whenever, Wherever', 'Hips Don't Lie', and 'Waka Waka'

As the list extends to recent hits such as 'Girl Like Me' and 'TQG', one thing's certain: the upcoming VMAs will be an unforgettable homage to Shakira's indomitable spirit and legacy.