Donny Osmond: 'I've Never Cursed, But I Think the Words!'


Donny Osmond: 'I've Never Cursed, But I Think the Words!'
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The famed singer, Donny Osmond, a luminary in the music industry, recently opened up in an intimate conversation with PEOPLE about his personal life, values, and his unwavering commitment to family traditions. Osmond, 65, a figure synonymous with timeless classics, is not just a singer.

To many, he is a symbol of integrity, which shines through even in his everyday conversations. A steadfast family man, Osmond has been married to his love, Debbie, for an impressive 45 years. Together, they have been blessed with five children and an even larger brood of 14 grandchildren.

It's evident that his family lineage has instilled in him core values, one of which is his adamant stance on refraining from using profanity. “Never have I used a curse word. Why? Simply because I've never heard my father, George, use one,” he candidly shared.

While his father, George Osmond, was known to be firm, he maintained a clean vocabulary. Donny jestingly adds, “Sure, the thought of certain words crosses my mind, especially in the face of some people. But then, I remind myself, 'Stay true to your father's teachings'"

Osmond's Vegas Residency and Hidden Oasis

Further adding to his accolades, Donny Osmond recently announced the extension of his popular residency at Harrah’s Las Vegas, promising fans his enchanting performances until at least May 2024.

However, even with such a bustling schedule, Osmond prioritizes moments of solitude. He revealed a cherished secret, "I have my little haven, a secret garden, complete with a vineyard and an orchard." The star even humorously added that he had indulged in a handful of fresh raspberries before the interview.

This legendary figure might have traversed the globe, but at heart, he remains a devoted family man. In his words, "Finding balance is key. Despite my work commitments, I ensured my calendar was clear just to take my wife, children, and our grandkids on a boating escapade.

This weekend? I’m just Grandpa Donny." Lastly, shedding light on his off-stage routines, he shared, “Sudoku is my daily mental exercise. Challenging versions only; no mediums for me. I’m ever-eager to learn”.

Reflecting on his illustrious career, he poignantly recalls a show where he and his brothers faced a nearly empty auditorium. With humility, he stated, "Now, every time I see a full audience, my heart swells with gratitude." When you dive into the life of Donny Osmond, you discover not just a singer, but a man deeply rooted in values, integrity, and an undying love for family.