Kanye West Sues Over Unauthorised Music Leak

Unauthorized leaks challenge Kanye's musical empire's integrity.

by Nouman Rasool
Kanye West Sues Over Unauthorised Music Leak
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Renowned music mogul, Kanye West, is once again enmeshed in a legal quagmire, not with a celebrity or brand, but with an online entity responsible for unauthorized leaks of his music. Court records, revealed by Radar Online, depict West's move to sue an individual or entity, ambiguously named "Does," for illicitly distributing his music tracks via social media platforms.

The offending party, recognized as DaUnreleasedGod on multiple digital platforms, is believed to be the mastermind behind uploading clips of West working in his studio and releasing a slew of his yet-to-be-published songs.

One such song is drawing particular attention as it spotlights other musical giants like Rihanna and Pusha T.

West's Music: A Trade Secret

West, the iconic Chicago-born artist, has reportedly suffered notable financial setbacks due to these unauthorized leaks.

He underscores that the defendant's unauthorized sharing essentially equates to trade secret theft. In Kanye's eyes, his music, lauded for its signature arrangements and unique flairs, stands as a trade secret. This classification derives from its inherent economic value and the stringent measures employed to keep it confidential.

These unwarranted leaks, originating in May and persisting through August, have now spurred West to seek a cease-and-desist order against the perpetrators. However, legal battles aren't the only troubles brewing for the "Graduation" artist.

Current buzz suggests that both West and his wife, Bianca Censori, are under scrutiny following alleged "indecent displays" during a recent Venetian boat trip. Last month's circulated visuals depicted Kanye in a rather revealing posture, while Bianca was seen in a potentially suggestive stance.

Britain's Daily Mail intimates that Venice's law enforcement is gearing up to address the duo's purportedly explicit public escapade. The boat's helmsman has been pinpointed and is slated for questioning, with the police urging photographers to surrender the controversial snaps.

Citing a Venice police insider, the Daily Mail reported, "Public decorum is an imperative that both tourists and residents must adhere to, and any deviations face stringent repercussions. The globally-seen imagery of West in an undignified pose during a lagoon crossing has been the cause of public dismay." Evidently, as the world watches, Kanye West is confronting challenges on multiple fronts, both legal and reputational.

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