Renée Rapp Unveils the Dark Inspiration Behind 'Snow Angel' on Jay Shetty's Podcast

From revelry to horror, Rapp shares her chilling tale

by Nouman Rasool
Renée Rapp Unveils the Dark Inspiration Behind 'Snow Angel' on Jay Shetty's Podcast
© Reneé Rapp/YouTube

Formerly acclaimed for her role in The S*x Lives of College Girls, Renée Rapp has now emerged as a singing sensation with the release of her debut album, Snow Angel. Recently, she joined Jay Shetty on his renowned On Purpose podcast, sharing a haunting tale that inspired the album’s title track.

Rapp's narrative unraveled a harrowing evening in early 2022. As she mingled with a newfound group of friends, whom her inner circle had been wary of, the sense of newfound liberty following a heartbreak swayed her judgment.

"I was exhilarated, feeling free and perhaps, a tad careless about the company I kept," Rapp admitted.

Rapp's Night Takes Dark Turn

The night that was meant to be filled with fun soon turned ominous. Rapp reminisced about the disturbing events that followed: "It escalated from one suspicious situation to another, until I found myself awakening, disoriented, at 5 am in a hotel bar's restroom stall, completely isolated." She discovered herself smeared in blood and found two messages timestamped at 10 pm from acquaintances from that ill-fated evening.

"It hit me then; I'd been drugged and untraceable for seven harrowing hours," she expressed. The gravity of the incident led her to distance herself from that group, curb her partying, and confide in her parents and close friends about the incident.

Their reactions, filled with worry, made her realize the severity of her ordeal. It wasn’t until months later that she confronted the traumas of that night. Upon reflection, she felt an irresistible urge to encapsulate her emotions into a song.

Alexander 23, also known as Alexander Glantz, her friend and songwriter, lent her his unwavering support during this creative journey. Describing their collaboration, Rapp said, "Throughout the writing process, I felt emotionally numb.

It was only after completing the recording and sharing it with my friends and management, their reactions made me grasp the weight of what I'd penned down. That entire year for me symbolized innate strength and resilience." As her story gains traction, it serves as a testament to Rapp’s indomitable spirit and her artistry’s capacity to turn pain into powerful music.