Robbie Williams on Stage Mishap: 'I Pooped, But Stayed Composed'

Robbie Williams faces unexpected setback during 2011 reunion.

by Nouman Rasool
Robbie Williams on Stage Mishap: 'I Pooped, But Stayed Composed'
© Pascal Le Segretain/GettyImages

Robbie Williams, renowned for hits like "Angels", recently shared an intimate and rather embarrassing memory from a 2011 Take That concert in Amsterdam. Taking to Instagram, Williams recounted an unfortunate incident where he mistook an urge to pass gas.

"It didn’t remain just a fart," he admitted. At 49, the famed artist unveiled this candid tale, recalling the discomfort he felt performing with his legendary band, Take That. In the backdrop of the post was a quirky cartoon captioned, "sometimes your favorite artists fart on stage", setting the tone for the story.

Williams' Illness Halts Tour

Williams detailed that he had suffered "horrendous" food poisoning, likening it to a feeling of "death", during a reunion tour with the British pop band. The severity of his condition led the band to cancel a Denmark concert.

NME, in 2011, covered the story, reporting the Denmark show's cancellation owing to Williams being “violently ill” from food poisoning. In his own words, Robbie illustrated the subsequent days, "A few days later we were playing at the Ajax stadium in Amsterdam.

Not yet recovered, I ventured onto the stage, unable to 'trust a fart', precisely what I needed to do during my opening song, 'Let Me Entertain You'" Despite the mishap, Williams demonstrated professionalism. Video footage from that fateful July 2011 concert showcases Williams maintaining his poise during the band's introductory song.

He humorously concluded, "Let’s just let sleeping logs lie for now." In an engaging twist, Williams prompted fans to identify a "Performing Parper" (P.P) – performers who might have experienced a similar predicament on stage.

He amusingly cited Mick Jagger with "Jumping Jack Flash" and hinted Thom Yorke likely never committed such a faux pas during a performance. Interestingly, Williams' candid confession follows a revelation by Joe Jonas. The 34-year-old "Sucker" singer humorously recalled his on-stage accident four years ago during KIIS FM’s Will & Woody radio show in Australia.

Jonas recounted, “It was a bad day to choose white clothing. What seemed like a harmless toot was a little something extra. It resulted in a mid-set wardrobe change”. These stories remind fans that celebrities, despite their larger-than-life personas, have their fair share of human moments.