Coco Lee's Leak: Intense Leg Pain Stops Sleep, Walk

Unearthed audio unveils Coco Lee's silent health battle.

by Nouman Rasool
Coco Lee's Leak: Intense Leg Pain Stops Sleep, Walk
© Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment

Late pop icon Coco Lee's emotional plea detailing severe leg pain has emerged on Chinese social media, shedding light on the hardships she faced before her untimely passing. Image Source: Coco Lee/Facebook. An audio recording thought to be of the celebrated singer, Coco Lee, has recently surfaced on popular Chinese platform Weibo.

In the poignant 37-second snippet, uploaded on August 30, Lee is audibly distressed as she confides in a friend about the agonizing pain in her leg. This recording offers a raw, candid look into her private struggles before her tragic death at the age of 48 on July 5.

With palpable despair in her voice, Lee admits, "I'm not trying to paint a bleak picture here, but the pain is becoming insurmountable. The simple tasks? Sleeping, sitting, walking? They've become a challenge. If you have a moment, please call.

It's pretty serious."

Coco Lee's Pre-Surgery Struggles

Dated November 7, 2022, the message reveals Lee's plea for help came mere months prior to a significant surgical procedure to address an anomaly in her left leg. In a heartwarming video she shared in March, the Hong Kong-American artist can be seen taking tentative steps, courageously relearning how to walk post-surgery.

The origins of her pain date back much further, however. An earlier post on Weibo from February 23 unveiled that Lee aggravated a longstanding leg injury during an intense dance rehearsal in October 2022. Digging deeper into her history, Lee opened up about a congenital defect in her left leg.

She underwent an operation at just two years of age, though it tragically fell short of expectations. As a result, she'd been heavily dependent on her right leg for support throughout her life. This isn't the first time Lee's personal struggles have made headlines recently.

A separate nine-minute recording released last month captured Lee alleging mistreatment on the Chinese reality show, Sing! China. Accusations of humiliation and bullying during her appearance led to public outrage and prompted the show's temporary suspension on August 25, pending an investigation into her claims.