Travis Barker Mourns Loss of Young Fan: "Meeting You Changed My Life Forever"


Travis Barker Mourns Loss of Young Fan: "Meeting You Changed My Life Forever"
Travis Barker Mourns Loss of Young Fan: "Meeting You Changed My Life Forever"

Travis Barker, the veteran drummer of the famed punk rock band Blink-182, is in mourning. The object of his grief is a young fan and budding drummer, Alex Etheridge, who tragically passed away at the age of 13. Barker shared an emotional tribute to Alex on social media, revealing the profound impact the teen had on his life.

"You're One of the Nicest People I've Met"

Barker, 47, took to the comments section of an Instagram post to express his feelings about the untimely death of Etheridge. "I just wanted to say meeting you changed my life forever," he confessed, etching his sentiments for the world to see.

He shared how his daughter Alabama initially told him about Alex and his incredible journey. "When Alabama told me about you and your story, I couldn't wait to hang," Barker wrote. He fondly remembered the multi-talented youngster, praising Alex's skills in songwriting, drumming, and musicianship.

Barker further reminisced about their memorable jamming sessions. "I loved jamming with you, playing paradiddles and herta's. I could've hung out with you for days if we had more time," Barker added.

A Resilient Spirit, Remembered

Despite the challenges that Alex was facing, Barker recalled his strong and positive spirit.

"You were so strong, happy, and present," he remembered, adding that during their hangout, it felt like Alex's pain and illness were momentarily forgotten. "You kept saying, ‘Am I dreaming like is this really happening' and I just kept saying yes, yes it is!!" Barker wrote.

He shared his heartbreak upon receiving the news of Alex's passing through a direct message from the boy's Instagram account. "I scrolled up and read through our messages and I'm crying heartbroken," Barker confessed. The influential drummer promised to forever cherish his time with Alex, whose impact on his life was "life changing." Barker made it clear that Alex's memory would remain with him, not just personally, but also professionally.

"I will carry it with me forever on every stage I play on and in every prayer," he stated. The heartfelt tribute ended with Barker expressing his enduring bond with Alex. "Friends 4L like we said after meeting each other. Till next time Alex."

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