Madonna's Hospitalization Unveils a Secret Collaboration with Katy Perry

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Madonna's Hospitalization Unveils a Secret Collaboration with Katy Perry
Madonna's Hospitalization Unveils a Secret Collaboration with Katy Perry

In what has been an unfortunate turn of events for the music industry, pop icon Madonna was recently hospitalized due to loss of consciousness. Fans worldwide were shocked by this news, and now, light has been shed on the activities that dominated the singer's hours before her alarming health decline.

A Duet in the Making: Madonna and Katy Perry

According to The Sun, Madonna was not just rehearsing for her upcoming "Celebration" tour, intended to commence this summer. She was also immersed in creating a new duet with fellow pop sensation, Katy Perry, mere hours before her hospitalization.

It had been noticed that the "Like a Virgin" hitmaker was not in the best shape, yet her determination to maintain a grueling work pace was unwavering. Rehearsals stretching to 12-hour marathons were not uncommon, and the eagerly anticipated duet was considered a milestone to mark her 40-year illustrious career.

Moreover, the star was also spotted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York earlier that day. A source close to the singer shared, “Madonna has long admired Katy and they have worked together before but never managed to actually put anything out.

Madonna has been working around the clock to make sure both her music and her world tour are second to none." The source further added, "Obviously everything has been put on hold now but the fact she was in the studio with Katy just hours before being rushed to the ICU shows how determined she was to push ahead despite feeling unwell”.

Madonna's "Celebration" Tour: On Hold

Madonna, fondly known as the 'Queen of Pop', had earlier this year announced her "Celebration" tour, a tribute to her 40-year long musical journey. Spanning 84 shows across the globe, the tour was set to debut on July 15 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. However, in light of the recent health scare, her manager revealed that the tour has been postponed.

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