Elvis' Stepbrother Apologizes for Comments on Singer's Death

Elvis Presley's stepbrother expresses regret for controversial documentary statements.

by Nouman Rasool
Elvis' Stepbrother Apologizes for Comments on Singer's Death

Elvis Presley's stepbrother, David Stanley, has issued an apology for the "derogatory comments" he made in the recently released documentary series titled "Elvis' Women," shedding new light on the life of the iconic King of Rock and Roll.

In the Amazon Prime Video series, Stanley made shocking claims during an on-camera interview, alleging that Presley had taken his own life and had been tormented by guilt over his relationships with young lovers. He further expressed disgust at Presley's alleged preference for young girls, aged 15 or 16, and marveled at the fact that the musician had not faced legal consequences for his actions.

Stanley Offers Apology for Derogatory Remarks

However, six months after the documentary's debut in December 2022, Stanley expressed remorse for his previous statements. Taking to Instagram on Monday, June 26, he extended an apology to Elvis fans and associates, acknowledging the derogatory nature of his comments and admitting his understanding of their anger.

Stanley emphasized his deep love for Elvis and the enduring bond he feels with the Presley family. He asked for forgiveness, recognizing the irresponsibility of his actions. Stanley's mother married Presley's father in 1960, but they divorced four years later.

The documentary series, available on the streaming platform, features exclusive interviews with Presley's former lovers and women who claim to have been targets of his alleged predatory behavior. The aim of the docuseries is to shed light on a more complex portrayal of the American icon, portraying him as a man battling personal demons, addictions, and profound loneliness—a side that the carefully constructed myth surrounding Presley has failed to embrace until now.

Since Presley's untimely death in 1977 at the age of 42 due to a heart attack, numerous allegations have surfaced, suggesting that he engaged in relationships with underage girls. Notably, he began dating his future ex-wife, Priscilla, when she was just 14 years old, while he was 24.

In a 1985 feature for People magazine, Priscilla revealed the extent to which Presley had influenced her life, shaping her appearance and identity according to his desires. "Elvis' Women" is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, inviting viewers to delve into the complex reality behind the public image of the iconic musician.

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